Dr. Gina Dorfman: Surround yourself with successful people

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Gina Dorfman: Surround yourself with successful people

  • “If everything seems under control, you are just not going fast enough,” Mario Andretti.
  • I don’t know if coming from Russia you really want something of your own, but I really wanted to run a business and dentistry seemed like a good fit.

It doesn’t matter how many hours we spend on each activity, it’s not how much time you spend with your kids versus our work, it is how present you are whenever you do the thing you do.

  • When I graduated from school I realized I really did not have enough clinical skills, and eventually, I found Dentaltown and I learned how to do dentistry on Dentaltown.
  • People around you will either bring you up or bring you down. If you want to be successful you have to surround yourself with successful people.
  • I’ve had many failures, I’ve had many punches and what do you do? You roll with the punches, you live with that.
  • A happy person is able to accomplish more and become more successful.
  • We (women in the profession) have to get rid of that guilt. Our kids need successful mothers. It’s ok to let your kids be a little bit more independent of you.
  • What we have done [with YAPI] is solve problems that just about every office struggles with. We build the software around what we thought was the best way.

If you would like to learn more from Dr. Gina Dorfman or YAPI, you can find her at Dentaltown, email her at drgina@yapicentral.com, or visit her website yapicentral.com.

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Dr. Steffany Mohan’s Bold Biography

Quotes and notes:

  • If our practices do better we can really focus on helping others.
  • Identify what your patients need and give it to them better than anyone else can.
  • If it has been done before, it is possible.Dr. Steffany Mohan's Bold Biography - Relentless dentist Podcasts
  • If you have a vision and you actually get there the same way you thought you would . . . it wasn’t big enough. – Richard Branson
  • I would hire a farm kid over anybody if I had the choice.
  • You are never going to regret working hard for what you get.
  • I fell in love with marketing when I opened the satellite practice.
  • Joe Polish was a great mentor of mine:  http://ilovemarketing.com/
  • Kids are a great motivator.
  • I made a commitment to doing dentistry part-time and working on the business full-time.
  • We’ve morphed throughout time to be manager-free.
  • If you have a problem bring me 3 solutions, one of which is free.
  • A lot of times we stop just short of success.
  • My faith keeps me from being afraid of a lot.
  • Have a lot of faith in yourself…Take positive steps everyday.
  • Keep really focused on the most important things. Engage your team to help you do that.

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Dr. Mohan’s Practice: Plaza Dental Group

Dr. Mohan a faculty member of Six Month Smiles and OsteoReady.

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Alana Muller on “Connecting with your patients and community”

Notes & Quotes:

  • In this day and age, we can’t afford to not network . . . it’s critical for the advancement of our careers
  • Alana Muller on "Connecting with your patients and community"Coffee, lunch, coffee came from the way I structured my days.
  • We don’t understand the real value of human connections.
  • My definition of networking is really creating mutually beneficial, long-term relationships without a predetermined outcome in mind.  
  • Connections + community + belonging = networking
  • It feels good to help people solve the problems that they are facing.
  • There’s a sense of gratitude and meaning in those connections.
  • Your success depends on building these relationships.
  • Meaningful connections means really understanding what drives and motivates another person.
  • This is not about transactional relationships.
  • Be the best version of yourself wherever you are.
  • Always say yes! . . . go in with a “yes” attitude.

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Richard Rierson on “Charting Your Leadership Journey”

Quotes & Notes:Richard Rierson on "Charting Your Leadership Journey"

  • “It’s about lifting other people up.”
  • “You’re obligated to do everything you can to learn what it means to become a leader.”
  • “Assume the accountability of the success and particularly the failures of that organization.”
  • “…this is a lifelong process that never ends.”
  • “Every interaction with a human being is an opportunity for leadership and growth.”
  • “How good are they at being a leader and handling the gray areas?”
  • “Real leaders understand the emotional intelligence side…”
  • “People want to be part of the solution.”
  • “Confidence is the core of a natural charisma.”
  • “The less confidence you have, the faster you give up trying.”
  • Confidence killers:  Low self-image; fear; worrying about other people’s opinion of you
  • “Fear is a necessary requirement of courage.”
  • “The uncertainty of the future never goes away.”

If you would like more insight from Richard, check out  www.doseofleadership.com  or www.richardrierson.com


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Tom Ziglar on “How to Stop Playing Small”

Quotes & Notes:Tom Ziglar on "How to Stop Playing Small" - RD Podcasts

  • “People ask how long I’ve been in the business and I tell them almost 49 years now and that’s because I was born into it.”
  • [About his Dad, Zig Ziglar] “He walked his talk.”
  • “Whatever you do, do it with 100% integrity and 100% effort.” [A life lesson learned from his Dad]
  • “When there’s alignment, amazing things happen.”
  • “Nobody buys training, nobody! What people buy, what people invest time and money for is the results of training.”
  • [On Dreams] “Our brain works from where we are to where we want to be.”
  • Fear acronym – False Evidence Appearing Real
  • “What are the good things that we’ve always done that are interfering with the best things that we could do?”
  • “There’s no way we can change the world unless we get a lot of people helping us.”
  • Tom’s Mantra – “What you feed your mind determines your appetite.”

If you need a “check-up from the neck up” Tom invites you to visit http://www.ziglar.com/ for some wisdom and inspiration!


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