Quotes & Notes:Leadership and Life Mastery with Kim McGuire - RD Podcast

  • I just have a philosophy that I think that when people feel like, “wow it’s already next year,” that they are not being present in their life and they are not moving forward in all of the areas of their life.

Leadership is believing in people more than they believe in themselves.

  • Whenever we want to communicate something that has some emotion tied to it, we really want to make sure we are doing that in person because our tonality and physiology speak volumes.

Qualities of a great leader: beliefs, optimism, courage, preparation, teamwork, communication, willingness to make decisions, and doing the right thing.

  • We do want to empower our team members to make great decisions because when people feel autonomous and they feel like they are empowered, they can do amazing things.
  • You need to know how each team member needs to feel appreciated and what they need and what their next level looks like for their career.
  • The six areas of life mastery are your emotional life, your physical body, your financial mastery, your purpose/career, your spirituality/contribution, and your relationships.
  • It’s about making micro-changes and you continue to make more and more micro changes and overtime it will make a difference.
  • Get into the habit of writing down three things that you are grateful for every single day. But they really have to be different things because if you just think about the same three things then you are just stuck in those same three things. If you really force yourself to think about what you are grateful for then it makes your brain open up for “what else can I be grateful for?”

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