Quotes & Notes:Richard Rierson on "Charting Your Leadership Journey"

  • “It’s about lifting other people up.”
  • “You’re obligated to do everything you can to learn what it means to become a leader.”
  • “Assume the accountability of the success and particularly the failures of that organization.”
  • “…this is a lifelong process that never ends.”
  • “Every interaction with a human being is an opportunity for leadership and growth.”
  • “How good are they at being a leader and handling the gray areas?”
  • “Real leaders understand the emotional intelligence side…”
  • “People want to be part of the solution.”
  • “Confidence is the core of a natural charisma.”
  • “The less confidence you have, the faster you give up trying.”
  • Confidence killers:  Low self-image; fear; worrying about other people’s opinion of you
  • “Fear is a necessary requirement of courage.”
  • “The uncertainty of the future never goes away.”

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