My individualized, 360-degree approach to the business side of dentistry could be exactly what you need to grow a thriving dental practice you can actually enjoy again.



    Who am I?

    Hi, I’m Dr. David Maloley! I enjoy being an author, speaker, podcaster and executive coach. I’ve built several businesses from the ground up, including a dental practice in a Colorado resort town. I have eight years of experience helping other dentists – hard-working, dedicated professionals like you – create the successful practices of their dreams.

    I’m an outspoken advocate for dentists who want to grow the thriving, profitable practices they deserve… and create more time for themselves, their families, and the things they used to love doing before their practices took over their lives.

    My approach to growing a dental practice involves diving deep into 12 key areas of growth. With this 360-degree approach, my clients have been able to quickly and consistently grow their practices … and to create more income and more time to enjoy it.

    I also insist on using only science-based, results oriented strategies when I’m helping other dentists build their 7-figure businesses. Everything I teach has been extensively tested and proven… which is fantastic if you’re looking for a clear path to success without all the sleepless nights!

    Why do I
     do this?

    I’m very fortunate to have a highly successful, lucrative dental practice today. But before I discovered the methods that I teach today, I struggled just like 90% of the other dental practice owners. There were months when I worried that I was going to have to close down my practice entirely!

    So it’s important for me to “pay it forward.” Every day, I talk with dental practice owners who are facing the same struggles that once riddled my mind with worries and self-doubt.

    And when I start telling them how simple it is to turn their practices around and start earning more with less time and effort… just seeing that sparkle of hope flash back into their eyes is absolutely priceless!

    GROW Your Dental Practice - Relentless Dentist by Dr. David Maloley
    GROW Your Dental Practice - Relentless Dentist by Dr. David Maloley


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    April 10, 2024
    The Key to Motivating Your Dental Employees

    Are you still managing your dental practice with century-old methods inspired by Henry Ford? This week, Dr. Dave highlights the transformative power of autonomy and its potential to revolutionize your...

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    April 3, 2024
    Every Dental Practice Owner Needs These 6 Types of Grit

    Are you leveraging any of the six types of grit to guide your dental practice to success? Grit isn't just a nice to have; it's crucial for flourishing in the...

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    March 27, 2024
    Why Some Dentists Languish and Others Flourish

    Are you tired of feeling drained, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled in your dental practice? Imagine a dental practice that isn't a constant source of stress, but a place of genuine fulfillment....

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    March 20, 2024
    Finding the CEO Within: Are You Leading or Just Practicing?

    Do you feel the weight of your dental practice on your shoulders despite your dedication? Are you ready to transcend traditional practice management and build the practice of your dreams?...

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    March 13, 2024
    What Are Your Dental Patients Really Buying?

    Are you speaking a dental language your patients don't understand? Even the most technical dentist can miss the mark if they're not connecting with patients on an emotional level. This...

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    GROW Your Dental Practice - Relentless Dentist by Dr. David Maloley
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    What are the next steps?

    If growing a more profitable dental practice that actually gives you the time to live your life (and even enjoy a well-deserved vacation now and then), then simply click the button below to schedule your High Performance Strategy session. There’s no obligation – I simply want to help you get started down the path to success, and if you want to take it further after that, we can certainly discuss the possibilities.

    If you’re interested in hiring me to speak at your event, click the button below and schedule a time to talk – I’d love to help your audience grow the successful, fulfilling, profitable practices of their dreams!