Quotes and notes:

  • If our practices do better we can really focus on helping others.
  • Identify what your patients need and give it to them better than anyone else can.
  • If it has been done before, it is possible.Dr. Steffany Mohan's Bold Biography - Relentless dentist Podcasts
  • If you have a vision and you actually get there the same way you thought you would . . . it wasn’t big enough. – Richard Branson
  • I would hire a farm kid over anybody if I had the choice.
  • You are never going to regret working hard for what you get.
  • I fell in love with marketing when I opened the satellite practice.
  • Joe Polish was a great mentor of mine: ¬†http://ilovemarketing.com/
  • Kids are a great motivator.
  • I made a commitment to doing dentistry part-time and working on the business full-time.
  • We’ve morphed throughout time to be manager-free.
  • If you have a problem bring me 3 solutions, one of which is free.
  • A lot of times we stop just short of success.
  • My faith keeps me from being afraid of a lot.
  • Have a lot of faith in yourself…Take positive steps everyday.
  • Keep really focused on the most important things. Engage your team to help you do that.

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Dr. Mohan’s Practice: Plaza Dental Group

Dr. Mohan a faculty member of Six Month Smiles and OsteoReady.

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