Willie Nelson and Counting your Blessings

Willie Nelson and Counting your Blessings - RD Podcast

How often do you take the time to focus on being grateful? Big or small, we all have things to be thankful for, and as Thanksgiving approaches, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on what they are and really appreciate them. It’s also the perfect time to start making it a habit to focus on gratitude.

As Willie Nelson put it, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” This is something I’ve found to be true in my life, and I’ve made it a point to count my blessings as often as I can. In this episode, I share the practice I use to help me keep gratitude at the forefront of my mind and why it’s so important for all of us to remember all the reasons we have to be thankful.

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Key Quotes:

  • “All that risk, all that sacrifice, all that courage {from our veterans} preserves our comforts and convenience that sometimes we take for granted, and I don’t want to be that way. I don’t want to take things for granted.”
  • “What you appreciate appreciates. If you’re thinking lack all the time because you’re not appreciating, or it’s not quite right, or it’s not enough, or it’s a financial issue, or it’s an economic issue, you really expect to have more? It’s just unrealistic to think that if you’re taking things for granted that you’ll be blessed with more abundance.”
  • “The focus on what’s not right will rarely get you more of what’s good.”
  • “It may be a nice challenge for you to think about taking time over the holidays—maybe it’s Thanksgiving, maybe it’s when you have a week off between Christmas and New Year’s, maybe it’s just another Saturday or Sunday, or you’re taking time to think about all the things, all the seeds that have been planted to give you the life and the opportunities that you have today.”
  • “Everything changes when you take your focus off the news and the critics and the naysayers and look at what is really provided for you.”

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Retirement and Work-Life Balance is B.S.

Retirement and Work-Life Balance is B.S. - Relentless Dentist Podcast

What comes to mind when you hear the term “work-life balance”? How about when you think about retirement? I get a fair amount of questions about these two topics—likely because this podcast is all about engineering a practice that provides for your epic life—but I’m here to tell you that I think both work-life balance and retirement are complete b.s.

In this episode, I go on a bit of a rant about why these two ideas really bother me. Listen in to hear why I don’t agree with the thought that we should have a clear distinction between work and the other aspects of our lives, the reason I think retirement is a bad idea, and how we should all go about designing lives that give us purpose and fulfillment.

Key Quotes:

  • “Is ‘work-life balance’ implying that one is bad and that we should balance it with the other one? I don’t know—I have a hard time with that. Most people get their purpose and a lot of their identity from their work.”
  • “Why can’t we have a vision that blurs the lines between work and play?”
  • “I think that’s a common theme in 100% of people, that you should be growing and evolving and serving. And most people do that through their work.”
  • “My life is fueling my work, and my work is fueling my life. So can we just all call it life and integrate it?”
  • “I, quite frankly, want to work the day before I die. I want to work until the end, delivering value.”
  • “You’re serving the patient by being influential. You’re serving your team by giving them a culture, a place that they enjoy and collaborate and have a shared vision. All those components fuel your life.”
  • “Five years we’ve been talking about designing an epic practice to fuel your epic life. It’s a vehicle to get what you want—to live the life that you want—but it all has to be engineered with intention.”
  • “Can we stop talking about retirement, and can we stop talking about work-life balance? I think they’re both complete bullshit, and I think they take people down paths that they shouldn’t even consider.”
  • “Design a work schedule that gives you purpose, that gives you meaning, that gives you challenge and allows you to grow, and let that fuel your life.”

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Struggle and the Titans of Dentistry

Struggle and the Titans of Dentistry - Relentless Dentist Podcast

The road to creating the long-awaited Titans of Dentistry book has been difficult and fulfilling. In this episode, Dr. Justin Short and I will discuss the journey and the process of creating this exciting project. We talk about how the book is laid out, the importance of embracing difficult processes and challenges and much more.

We discuss the challenges we faced while putting together this book and why we found it all rewarding and pushed through the difficulty. You’ll get a glimpse of some of the people we profile in the book and why they are so influential and inspiring. You’ll also get a taste of what the book holds – from the career-changing moves to how the titans got through the most difficult times. It’s an important book that can play a big part in shaping your career so grab your highlighter and get ready to dig into and implement the wisdom of the Titans of Dentistry.

Key Quotes:

  • “You’re not gonna get an extraordinary life, an extraordinary practice doing the same things that everyone else does.” – Dr. Justin
  • “We think that a better crown margin is going to skyrocket our practice and our life, and not that that’s unimportant, but there are many more things at play here.” – Dr. Dave
  • “The success is defined by the individual.” – Dr. Dave
  • “It’s not always about doing more.” – Dr. Justin
  • “Many of those setbacks would have brought a person to their knees but a lot of the titans used that as fuel to get to the next level.” – Dr. Dave
  • “We all have those days, we all have setbacks. It’s not the absence of those that separate the boys from the men or the girls from the women, so to speak, it’s how you act in the midst of those that create a separation.” – Dr. Justin
  • “All these people have some kind of greatness of achievement and they all came about it different ways.” – Dr. Justin
  • “At the end of the day, there is nothing magical about them that I don’t have.” – Dr. Justin
  • “Our goal isn’t to find the top 30 dentists, our goal was to find a variety of paths.” – Dr. Dave
  • “These people are willing to do whatever it takes whenever it takes.” – Dr. Dave

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Foo Fighters and Your Most Productive Appointments

Foo Fighters and Your Most Productive Appointments - RD Podcast

One of the biggest things to work on in life is making sure to not take your work issues home and not take your home issues to work. This week I’ll share about how I made a shift in my life and mindset where I don’t put work first and I’m not afraid to take days off. This doesn’t mean work isn’t important, it’s all about making sure to fit in the most important things and be intentional about your scheduling.

By fine-tuning your priorities and sticking to your non-negotiables, you will be able to fit in the most important things in your life and practice. I’ll share a list of the most important things to make sure you fit into your schedule and make a priority – everything else should come after these. From taking care of yourself and developing your skills to spending time with family and truly feeding into your team, it’s so crucial to make sure you are being intentional and scheduling in what matters the most so that the little things don’t steal your days.

Key Quotes:

  • “The practice shouldn’t run you. There are times it demands more of you but you should be able to harvest cash flow and time.”
  • “If you don’t rise as a leader, the practice will suffer. It’s all about how you show up. If you’re dragging your feet and having a case of the Mondays, you can guarantee your team will too.”
  • “There’s always some undone thing that I kinda want to work on but I need that time [lunch time] to make sure that my afternoon is productive.”
  • “To take days or half-days to really work on your business is something you really need to do on a continual basis.”
  • “Make sure you’re developing the legacy you want.”
  •  “It’s almost a badge of honor to talk about how busy you are but everyone has the same amount of time and it’s about priorities.”

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Practice Growth and the Cave You Most Fear

Practice Growth and the Cave You Most Fear - RD Podcast

This episode is all about understanding your fears and finding effective ways to lead and grow your practice. The pain of fear can be so crippling but it doesn’t have to hold you back if you don’t let it. We’ll go over the common fears people have when it comes to their practice and challenge you to not let that fear get in your way by choosing courage over comfort.

First you’ll learn about the different hats that dentists, especially leaders, should be wearing and how to develop your leadership skills to bring out the best in your team. The next step is finding where fear is holding you back so you’ll learn about some common ways that fear keeps you from growing and how to push past those issues.

Key Quotes:

  • “There are several hats that dentists have to wear and I think the leader themselves should wear a few different hats.”
  • “The common theme I see in the purpose of all people is that they should be growing and expanding and they should be serving.”
  • “The way that we’re going to grow now is to grow the people. Grow their confidence and grow their capabilities.”
  • “If you’re not intentional about growth, increasing the skillsets of people that are there and increasing your own skillsets, it’s an easy way to have your practice inadvertently plateau.”
  • “In a practice you actually have to encourage people to make mistakes.”
  • “Capability comes after courage. After some reps you’re developing some confidence.”
  • “You can’t be the leader who criticizes them for making mistakes because they will stop making the effort.”
  • “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s doing something that you fear. The fears never really go away.”

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Dictators and Daily Disciplines

Dictators and Daily Disciplines - Relentless Dentist Podcast

In this episode Dr. Dave Maloley sits down with Dr. Mark Costes to share some valuable tips on practice leadership, life balance and maintaining motivation and focus on the daily disciplines. The two discuss how to harness your dark side, the impact of mortality motivation, what dictates the upper limit of your practice and much more.

Dr. Dave talks about some painful lessons he has learned along the way and how he stays centered. He shares some really valuable techniques to hold onto motivation, lessons learned and focus without letting it slip over time. Dr. Dave also talks about how to use passion as a rocket booster in your life and which areas you should make sure you’re ‘trending upward‘ in.

Key Quotes:

“It’s not whether or not you ever make a bad decision or misstep. It’s what happens in realizing you made a mistake and what you do with that information.” – Dr. Mark

“I think the practice needs to provide you with things other than, you know, a definite paycheck, consistency and ability to grow as a leader – and that’s to influence and impact others.” – Dr. Dave

“I think there’s a lot of guilt that goes into dentistry when you’re not completely engaged.” – Dr. Dave

“I’m grateful for the journey because it’s only made me stronger going through it.” – Dr. Dave

“Most of us are a blend of personalities but we have a dominant.” – Dr. Mark

“We need to serve our practice and our patience, no doubt, but we need to engineer it in a way that it’s serving us.” – Dr. Dave

“Realizing it could all end at any time is sometimes the ultimate motivation.” – Dr. Dave

“When you have an idea, it doesn’t have to stay an idea – It doesn’t have to stay an idea with enough action and vision.” – Dr. Dave

“At some point, no matter how much we’re rocked, we can get sucked back into that whirlwind and forget how important those lessons were.” – Dr. Mark

“Are we going to be victims of this or are we going to use this to strengthen our relationships, to increase the way we view the world, how we’re going to come at the world when we have future challenges. So did this happen to you or for you.” – Dr. Mark

“If you stick with the fundamentals and stick with the vision, anything is possible. It’s just a matter of time between point A and point B.” – Dr. Dave

“We’re swinging for home runs when the magic is really in daily disciplines and installing new habits.” – Dr. Dave

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Hey Jude and Your Epic Life

Hey Jude and Your Epic Life - Relentless Dentist Podcast

One of the most common questions received on this show is how to organize and engineer a high-performance life. In this episode, Dr. Dave will be giving you an inside look at his 4×4 epic life matrix that he uses to design and keep his life on track. He explains not only how to use it but also gives examples based on how he fills out and uses his.

Dr. Dave breaks down the basics of this model by explaining the different elements that go into it, such a: values, experiences, development, giving and much more. He shows how these different areas of your life can be categorized, mapped out and organized in a way that is efficient and highly effective.

Key Quotes:

“How do we find the magic moments in each day to feel truly grateful for.”

“I can have whatever I want as long as I can get really clear on what I want and put forth the energy to execute it.”

“As a high-performance coach, I’m coaching my clients in 5 categories: clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.”

“Oftentimes I got to the target and it didn’t necessarily make me feel the way that I wanted it to feel.”

“Who you think you are is really how you interact.”

“If we don’t engineer this stuff, we can spend a lot of time in stress, anxiety, depression, and discontent.”

“I actually have a list of people in this category that I want to make sure I’m investing in.”

“I want to make sure I’m giving and I’m serving in a proper way.”

“I’m not looking for mastery now, I’m looking for incremental improvements.”

“High-performance coaching is uninstalling these limiting beliefs and installing powerful habits and rituals.”

“We’re chasing other peoples’ versions of success. Take some time and make your own.”

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Regret and 160 Billion Dollars

Regret and 160 Billion Dollars - Relentless Dentist Podcast

We often chase what the people around us consider to be successful without taking the time figure out what success is for us. In this episode, Dr. Dave gives us a great method to make better decisions and live a life that is more meaningful. By learning from the regrets of dying people and envisioning our own regrets at the end of our days we can find clarity in the decisions and habits we engage in today.

You will learn about a visualization exercise as well as some common regrets that dying people have so you can hopefully avoid having similar regrets. High performance in your work and life requires clarity and courage. Through going through exercises like this and asking yourself the right questions, you can set yourself up for a life of high impact and true fulfilment.

Key Quotes:

  • “People will do far more to avoid pain than to find pleasure.”
  • “What he established is what he called the regret minimization framework.”
  • “If you can learn from people who have been through it and what they say to avoid and what they wish they would have done, you can really shorten the learning curve and make sure you’re avoiding the pitfalls.”
  • “Are you bee-lining toward one of these regrets? Is there something you can do in your practice and your life and your relationships to make sure that you’re avoiding these regrets?”
  • “Often times we are chasing other peoples’ versions of success but have you clearly defined what your version of success is?”
  • “Pain shared is divided and if you don’t have a place there and you keep that in, that’s when you move into sedation.”

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Influence and the 80-Year-Old Man

Influence and the 80-Year-Old Man - Relentless Dentist Podcast

Today’s episode is all about the power of influence and living in a way that inspires others to do their best work. Leadership is all about figuring out who we have to become for our teams, and it’s up to us to ask ourselves if we’re really walking the talk—or if we’re all talk.

Inspired by his father’s recent 80th birthday party (where celebrating the way his father has lived his life drove home the fact that making an impact is all about integrity and honoring your word) Dr. Dave discusses why we all need to think about how we’re showing up in our practices. Listen in to hear what he says makes a great leader and his advice for all dentists to level up their lives, as well as their practices.

Key Quotes:

  • “Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.”
  • “If you want hard workers, be the hardest worker in the room. If you want integrity, you have to honor your word and do what you say.”
  • “If you walk a straight line, if you practice what you preach if you develop a mission and core values that are very clear and you embody those values, it may take some work, but you’re bound to have a team that supports you in that mission, that vision, and those values.”
  • “As dentists, we often get wrapped around, how do we do this? What’s the strategy? What’s the recipe? Because that’s how we’re taught dentistry. … But leadership and running a practice and having an epic life is much different from that.”
  • “I think it’s important that, first, we know exactly what we want; that’s the clarity piece of high performance. Then, it’s important to know why we want it.”
  • “Goals are important, but the who—who do you have to become?—is probably the most important strategy to leveling up your life and leveling up your practice.”
  • “Think about what you want from your practice. Get that clarity. But realize who you have to become, what sort of leader and influencer you need to be, and start walking that.”

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Dr. Chris Phelps on Using Pre-suasion to Encourage Receptiveness in Patients

Dr. Chris Phelps on Using Pre-suasion - Relentless Dentist Podcast

We are welcoming back Dr. Chris Phelps to the show this week to talk more about pre-suasion and the principles behind it. He explains the difference between pre-suasion and persuasion and why it’s so important to prep your clients in the right way in order to get them in the right mindset to be open to suggested procedures. He discusses in detail the science and case studies behind this concept, explains why it’s so successful, and gives specific tips on how to incorporate it into your practice.

This fascinating practice is not as complicated as it seems, especially with Chris explaining the importance of mindset and how little changes can make a big impact on the client experience. From creating the right environment to using the right language, there are so many little tweaks you can make to your practice to get on the same page with your clients and work with them more successfully. Chris even shares some of his own tactics and explains how he implemented them and why he thinks they worked so well.

Key Quotes:

  •  “Pre-suasion is an amplifier of principles.”
  • “Where we’re at is all about our mindset at that given time and that’s what shapes our decision in those times.”
  • “Instead of waiting for moments to happen with persuasion influence, we can actually prime the pump for a yes. We can actually create these influence moments on the front end before the patient gets in front of us.”
  • “Let’s start asking the right type of mindset questions.”
  • “That’s what pre-suasion is all about – timing is everything.”
  •  “Identify triggers that queue or create that mindset.”
  • “How can we extend the moment.”
  • “He did study after study to prove that these concepts exist and not only do they exist – what turns them on and what makes them more powerful.”
  • “If it’s reproducible that means it is teachable and it’s learnable.”
  • “My process is probably a lot like yours, it’s trial and error right? I don’t know until I try and it’s a messy process and I make a lot of mistakes but, you know what, some of my best ideas and systems have been born out of that.”

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