Dr. Peter Bowman: The Art of Believing and Achieving

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Peter Bowman: The Art of Believing and Achieving - RD Podcast

  • “You become what you think about,” -Earl Nightingale.
  • One thing I knew I would have to do is to set myself apart from all of the other applicants [for dental school] because my GPA was terrible in college.
  • I started doing things the old fashioned way, started writing letters and signed to some of key decision makers at the school, mainly the dean of admissions, and I just kept in contact with her every four/six weeks calling her up… “What else can I do to convince you and your admission crew that I’m worthy of being a good dentist… I will do whatever it takes.”
  • A week before classes started I called the dean of admissions one more time. So if somebody was stupid enough to not show up the next week, give me a call and I will be there in less than 24 hours. About three days later I got a phone call from her.
  • I have a hard time relating to some of these people who are in dental school, and they are complaining, griping about what they are being put through. My perspective is every day that I got to step foot in that school was a blessing in itself.
  • Opportunities come at you when you may least expect it or feel least prepared for it. My grandparents’ dentist let me know that he was looking to retire and looking at me as a potential buyer.
  • In this sleepy little Yankee town in New Hampshire, change doesn’t happen a lot, so I was smart enough to not make many changes in my first year or two at this practice.
  • Patients are coming in and they see the same front desk lady they have seen for twenty-five years, they see the same assistant they have seen for twenty-three years, and the same hygienist for eighteen years. The only thing different is the guy diagnosing and fixing your teeth.

I never concisely adopted it, but looking back I have adopted the ready, fire, aim philosophy. Otherwise it becomes ready aim, aim, aim, you get stuck in paralysis by analysis.

  • Do what you have to do to set yourself apart and you will eventually have that dream of being a dentist.

If you would like to learn more from Dr. Peter Bowman you can find him on Dental Town under the username Pete’s Draggin or email him at peterlbowman@yahoo.com.

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Dr. Jason Lowry: You can be a great clinician AND a great entrepreneur

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Jason Lowry: You can be a great clinician AND a great entrepreneur

  • “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want,” Zig Ziglar.
  • “Do or do not, there is no try,” from Star Wars.
  • Growing up I worked hard and my dad was very successful, he owned some newspapers; so I was always taught hard work.
  • I don’t know how I made school a career because I am a horrible student. But since dental school, I mean, I am a voracious reader. I can’t get enough of learning…I’m always at a CE course.
  • “You can be a great clinician and a great businessman,” Mark Costes. After I had that conversation with Mark and had a paradigm shift, we just grew exponentially. Now we are a multi-million dollar practice.

It’s just like everything else; there are few things in dentistry that we can do that are not repairable. Just get in there are get started.

  • (On the change in insurance) And I said to myself, there are two options here, either I put a gun in my mouth, or you put on your big boy pants and you get through this, you figure it out.
  • I’ve just had to become much more efficient and purposeful with what I do with my time.
  • That’s when we got together with a graphic designer and took all of our backwoods modality of the whole thing, polished it up, and made it beautiful, and really dialed in all the ins and outs of the whole thing, to make it so another dentist can get this kit. It is just super straight forward and easy to implement.
  • No matter where you are at in your practice, if you find a mentor, if you read a ton, join a mastermind group, whatever, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You find somebody who is doing or has done, and you latch onto their coattails.
  • Dr. Jason Lowry would suggest every dentist read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

If you would like to learn more from Dr. Jason Lowry, or about his product, you can go to catalystdentalsolutions.com or implantmarketingkit.com or even email him at lowry17@yahoo.com.

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Dr. John Nosti: Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price

Quotes & Notes:Dr. John Nosti: Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price

  • We (Dr. John Nosti and his other lecturers) are not there to try to make ourselves look better, to try to make ourselves feel smarter, by talking down to the group. We are there to kind of elevate everybody because we have been there.
  • Don’t forget to keep your bread and butter practice strong for that allows you to do the add-ons, and allows you to be really successful.
  • Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price.” If you really want something, and you get yourself behind it and, you believe in yourself then it is going to happen for you.

Really getting exposed to all of those phenomenal speakers (at my residency) was really the turning point in my life.

  • I commend people who come out of [dental school] and buy themselves open a practice out of scratch. Personally, if I was doing something like that nowadays, I would feel confident buying out someone’s practice.
  • If I am going to be good at something, I really have to work at it and I really have to know it, if I am then going to perform it in my practice.
  • I really think there are two things that you really need in life, and one of those things is you need a good vision, and you need a why.
  • In today’s world, if you don’t have a website you are not practicing dentistry. That is number one. Number two, I would highly recommend, if you want to differentiate yourself you don’t slap up a two thousand dollar website that the person down the street from you has the same outline on their website.

Everybody has failures, everybody.

  • Dr. John Nosti would recommend every dentist read Change your Questions, Change your Life by Marilee G. Adams.
  • If you would like to learn more from Dr. John Nosti you can find him on Dental Town, Facebook, and LinkedIn (at John Nosti). Be sure to also check out his lectures, the Clinical Mastery Series.

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Dr. Brady Frank: Act as if it were impossible to fail

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Brady Frank: Act as if it were impossible to fail

  • Maybe there was a system, or a system that could be created, that had all of those positive attributes of the multiple systems I was using and maybe I could simplify my life.
  • If we act as it is impossible to fail, then it shall be. When you imagine that success will be guaranteed then you will simply take action, and when you act on that premise, a whole series of forces begin.

Very few people that experience achievement or success have everything planned out.

  • There are a lot of guys retiring, so why don’t I interview them and see what their ideal retirement would be. So I interview dentists primarily in the areas that I thought I wanted to practice, and to my amazement, after I asked each of these dentists twelve questions, thirty-two of the seventy-two offered to sell me their dental practice.
  • Realizing that I loved this whole environment of dental transitions, I took over a company called Phasing Out Seminars.
  • I visited those nine practices (that had huge overhead and take-home) and put together twenty-four principles that those nine practices were using. A lot of procedures that we teach at Osteoready are procedures that these dentists that had uncommon success in their practices were using.
  • Now I don’t teach on transitions anymore, I have my own private practice that we have co-owners or part-owners to.

Nobody likes the dark times, but in my life, they have helped me grow the most.

  • Dr. Brady Frank would suggest every dentist look at E Myth by Michael Gerber, John Maxwell’s books on leadership, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success by Brian Tracy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, as Dan Kennedy’s books, as well as Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen.

If you would like to get in contact with Dr. Brady Frank, the best way to reach him is at his email – bradyfrank74@gmail.com.

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Struggles and Successes with Dental Hacks’ host Dr. Alan Mead

Quotes & Notes:Struggles and Successes with Dental Hacks' host Dr. Alan Mead

  • My office is small, I do small numbers, and I like it that way.
  • Just listen. Just listen. Could that apply to dentistry, maybe? Could that apply to being a better husband, better father?
  • This particular situation (of stress to do well in dental school) was much of my own making, because I was just not good at coping with it.

Dental school was a formative part of my personality, and I clearly was scarred from it.

  • I tell you that I got no perspective, and I am an emotional freak about school and I take everything personally, but I found something that made me feel better, and that was drinking.
  • I had heard about opiates (Vicoprofen) giving you a buzz, so I tried some. And I realized right then and there that this was what I was missing.
  • My habit took off, that’s how I coped with everything.
  • I got married in September 2001, and essentially I don’t remember much of that until January 2002. It was just sort of this blur.
  • I had tried so many times to stop myself, and I was intervened by my family. I just gave up right there and then. I couldn’t stop by myself and I was too embarrassed and scared to tell anyone.

I always think that I need an outlet to spend my time on. Podcasting happens to be it right now.

  • It’s a struggle to get people who have troubles to even admit that this is a problem. If you are having trouble, or you are worried that you are having problems, you need to talk to someone.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Alan Mead, you can reach him at his email alan@meadfamilydental.com, even call his cell phone (989) 859-6302. Also, feel free to check out his podcast DentalHacks podcast at dentalhacks.com. Check out his official blog at meadfamilydental.com and the bloggingdentist.com.

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Why you must have a crystal clear practice vision with Dr. Eric Jones

Quotes & Notes:Why you must have a crystal clear practice vision with Dr. Eric Jones

  • “Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear” ~Mark Twain.
  • Of course, I kind of wanted to be a real doctor, because I was going to dental school. And then I look at the hours…so I said you know what, I am going to check out this dentistry thing.
  • For me I felt like there was something inside of me that felt like I had to earn it, and for it to be my own plan (of owning my own practice).

I think that is a mindset that we all have an issue and we are afraid to stand out and afraid to be wrong.

  • For me, it almost happened simultaneously. Clinically, as developed the clinical skills, I also developed being a promoter of the practice.
  • If you have a really clear vision of what it is you want, and then you figure out a way to overcome that fear. You know I tell my team members, once we get people in here and they see what we are really about, what we are passionate about, the rest kind of takes care of itself.

Really learning how to communicate, making the connection with the patient, that is what really matters.

  • Everybody deals with the same stuff. It’s just how you handle that stuff that really determines where you are and where your practice goes.
  • Anytime you make a decision, sit down and look at if that decision is taking you closer or farther away from the ultimate goal?
  • You have to stop playing the game of when, and ask yourself, why not now?
  • Dr. Eric Jones would suggest every dentist read Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

If you would like to learn more from Dr. Eric Jones, you can find him on Dental Town or go to drjonesspeaks.com.

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