Quotes & Notes:Dr. Brady Frank: Act as if it were impossible to fail

  • Maybe there was a system, or a system that could be created, that had all of those positive attributes of the multiple systems I was using and maybe I could simplify my life.
  • If we act as it is impossible to fail, then it shall be. When you imagine that success will be guaranteed then you will simply take action, and when you act on that premise, a whole series of forces begin.

Very few people that experience achievement or success have everything planned out.

  • There are a lot of guys retiring, so why don’t I interview them and see what their ideal retirement would be. So I interview dentists primarily in the areas that I thought I wanted to practice, and to my amazement, after I asked each of these dentists twelve questions, thirty-two of the seventy-two offered to sell me their dental practice.
  • Realizing that I loved this whole environment of dental transitions, I took over a company called Phasing Out Seminars.
  • I visited those nine practices (that had huge overhead and take-home) and put together twenty-four principles that those nine practices were using. A lot of procedures that we teach at Osteoready are procedures that these dentists that had uncommon success in their practices were using.
  • Now I don’t teach on transitions anymore, I have my own private practice that we have co-owners or part-owners to.

Nobody likes the dark times, but in my life, they have helped me grow the most.

  • Dr. Brady Frank would suggest every dentist look at E Myth by Michael Gerber, John Maxwell’s books on leadership, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success by Brian Tracy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, as Dan Kennedy’s books, as well as Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen.

If you would like to get in contact with Dr. Brady Frank, the best way to reach him is at his email – bradyfrank74@gmail.com.

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