Quotes & Notes:Dr. Peter Bowman: The Art of Believing and Achieving - RD Podcast

  • “You become what you think about,” -Earl Nightingale.
  • One thing I knew I would have to do is to set myself apart from all of the other applicants [for dental school] because my GPA was terrible in college.
  • I started doing things the old fashioned way, started writing letters and signed to some of key decision makers at the school, mainly the dean of admissions, and I just kept in contact with her every four/six weeks calling her up… “What else can I do to convince you and your admission crew that I’m worthy of being a good dentist… I will do whatever it takes.”
  • A week before classes started I called the dean of admissions one more time. So if somebody was stupid enough to not show up the next week, give me a call and I will be there in less than 24 hours. About three days later I got a phone call from her.
  • I have a hard time relating to some of these people who are in dental school, and they are complaining, griping about what they are being put through. My perspective is every day that I got to step foot in that school was a blessing in itself.
  • Opportunities come at you when you may least expect it or feel least prepared for it. My grandparents’ dentist let me know that he was looking to retire and looking at me as a potential buyer.
  • In this sleepy little Yankee town in New Hampshire, change doesn’t happen a lot, so I was smart enough to not make many changes in my first year or two at this practice.
  • Patients are coming in and they see the same front desk lady they have seen for twenty-five years, they see the same assistant they have seen for twenty-three years, and the same hygienist for eighteen years. The only thing different is the guy diagnosing and fixing your teeth.

I never concisely adopted it, but looking back I have adopted the ready, fire, aim philosophy. Otherwise it becomes ready aim, aim, aim, you get stuck in paralysis by analysis.

  • Do what you have to do to set yourself apart and you will eventually have that dream of being a dentist.

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