Quotes & Notes:Struggles and Successes with Dental Hacks' host Dr. Alan Mead

  • My office is small, I do small numbers, and I like it that way.
  • Just listen. Just listen. Could that apply to dentistry, maybe? Could that apply to being a better husband, better father?
  • This particular situation (of stress to do well in dental school) was much of my own making, because I was just not good at coping with it.

Dental school was a formative part of my personality, and I clearly was scarred from it.

  • I tell you that I got no perspective, and I am an emotional freak about school and I take everything personally, but I found something that made me feel better, and that was drinking.
  • I had heard about opiates (Vicoprofen) giving you a buzz, so I tried some. And I realized right then and there that this was what I was missing.
  • My habit took off, that’s how I coped with everything.
  • I got married in September 2001, and essentially I don’t remember much of that until January 2002. It was just sort of this blur.
  • I had tried so many times to stop myself, and I was intervened by my family. I just gave up right there and then. I couldn’t stop by myself and I was too embarrassed and scared to tell anyone.

I always think that I need an outlet to spend my time on. Podcasting happens to be it right now.

  • It’s a struggle to get people who have troubles to even admit that this is a problem. If you are having trouble, or you are worried that you are having problems, you need to talk to someone.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Alan Mead, you can reach him at his email alan@meadfamilydental.com, even call his cell phone (989) 859-6302. Also, feel free to check out his podcast DentalHacks podcast at dentalhacks.com. Check out his official blog at meadfamilydental.com and the bloggingdentist.com.

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