Quotes & Notes:Why you must have a crystal clear practice vision with Dr. Eric Jones

  • “Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear” ~Mark Twain.
  • Of course, I kind of wanted to be a real doctor, because I was going to dental school. And then I look at the hours…so I said you know what, I am going to check out this dentistry thing.
  • For me I felt like there was something inside of me that felt like I had to earn it, and for it to be my own plan (of owning my own practice).

I think that is a mindset that we all have an issue and we are afraid to stand out and afraid to be wrong.

  • For me, it almost happened simultaneously. Clinically, as developed the clinical skills, I also developed being a promoter of the practice.
  • If you have a really clear vision of what it is you want, and then you figure out a way to overcome that fear. You know I tell my team members, once we get people in here and they see what we are really about, what we are passionate about, the rest kind of takes care of itself.

Really learning how to communicate, making the connection with the patient, that is what really matters.

  • Everybody deals with the same stuff. It’s just how you handle that stuff that really determines where you are and where your practice goes.
  • Anytime you make a decision, sit down and look at if that decision is taking you closer or farther away from the ultimate goal?
  • You have to stop playing the game of when, and ask yourself, why not now?
  • Dr. Eric Jones would suggest every dentist read Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

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