SEO Marketing Strategies for Dentists with Mike Pedersen

SEO Marketing Strategies for Dentists with Mike PedersenThis week on the Relentless Dentist Podcast, Mike Pedersen from will help you improve your SEO marketing strategies. He is on the forefront of digital marketing for the dental industry. If you are looking for ways to connect with your ideal client, SEO can help bring that target client to your front door.

He’s one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding online marketing for dentists. You may have heard of the term SEO, but not know enough to be dangerous. Dentists may be gun shy about working with online marketing agencies because of lackluster results in the past. Mike can revitalize your website search traffic and improve your marketing efforts.

As dentists, we want to occupy the first page of a Google search for keyword phrases central to our practice, specialty, and location. Your appointments fill up when clients searching for the dental services you provide land on your website. Since every dentist has a website these days, SEO marketing techniques can help you stand out from the crowd. Mike will help you put on your geek hat for a few minutes a month and dig into just how important good SEO strategies are for your business.


Key Quotes:

  • SEO is being found when someone types in a specific search term for dentistry in Google.
  • Google is trying to consume more of their first page with ads.
  • The maps listing is only found for certain phrases.
  • Over 50% of people know that the Google ads are first and they skip them and they go right to that first organic result.
  • The searcher is using search engines more specifically. They’re getting smarter.
  • When somebody types in “cost of”, we called them a qualified searcher.
  • Long-tail is where you’re getting 5 – 7 keywords in a search phrase.
  • You should have individual content for each one of your service pages (interior pages).
  • It’s giving Google what they want so they reward us with the ranking.
  • Every dental website page should have a minimum of 2-3 calls to action on each page.
  • Voice search is becoming more and more popular.

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Establishing the Link Between Oral and Physical Health with Dr. Tom Larkin and Dr. Brad Bale

Establishing the Link Between Oral and Physical Health - RD PodcastThis week on the Relentless Dentist, I share a fascinating conversation with Dr. Tom Larkin and Dr. Brad Bale from the Voices of Dentistry 2017 conference. This dynamic duo is leading the effort to highlight the link between oral health and arterial disease – the root cause of many forms of physical illness in this country.

Tom and Brad are collaborating on an initiative to raise awareness about the link between periodontal disease and arterial wellness. The Bale-Doneen method is revolutionizing the treatment of ailments and putting an emphasis on oral wellness. We talk about the research underway which is helping to establish the relationship between heart failure and poor oral health.

On this episode, we also discuss the programs that Brad and Tom have created to train dentists and their staff to focus on a patient’s holistic oral well-being. They’re working to help open the minds of both dentists and patients to help everyone understand the link between oral diseases and a patient’s long-term, overall physical health.

Key Quotes:

  • Inflammation is what drives arterial disease.
  • You really need to maintain the health of your arteries to maintain an excellent quality of life.
  • Understand that our work maintaining a healthy mouth is actually saving lives, not just making people’s smiles look great.
  • The beauty of the Bale-Doneen method is that it’s an exact diagnostic protocol.
  • There are three areas of inflammation that the dentist can address.
  • Our method does actually halt and regress disease. That’s been shown.
  • Most dentists aren’t anchored in insurance.

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Building a Life and Practice Without Regrets with Dr. Peter Boulden

Building a Life and Practice Without Regrets with Dr. Peter BouldenThis week, I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with fellow podcaster Dr. Peter Boulden: dentist, marketer, and businessman extraordinaire. Peter is the brains behind the Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast and the owner of several dental practices.

Peter is here to talk about why he loves the business side of dentistry and what attracted him to the profession in the first place. He’s also one of the best advisors on dental marketing and systems out there, so be sure to tune in for that advice!

We chat about Peter’s first job out of dental school and why he offered to work three months for free – seriously! – just to be at a practice he admired. We then cover entrepreneurship and the ups and downs of owning your own practices. Peter shares some of the quotes and books that motivate him now and in hard times, and why he thinks perfectionism is a detrimental concept. He’s also chock-full of actionable marketing tips you won’t want to miss!

Key Quotes:

  • I knew that my chances of being successful were more enhanced by coming back to the place where people knew and loved me.
  • As a new grad, you have the tools but you are by no means ready to roll.
  • People told me we were gonna fail, which is kind of a blessing because it fuels you every morning.
  • I like the multiple ownership model because it keeps me busy, and I get to flex my muscles with marketing and systems and all that stuff.
  • I’m a big fan of reverse engineering – visualizing what I want and then filling in the steps going backwards.
  • I don’t strive for perfection; I strive for progress and value.
  • People have depth in so many areas that I don’t and I just want to pull all the pearls I can from their brain.
  • No one has a vested interest to grow your practice the way you’re going to.
  • People will pay for value – and the same thing can transcend for dentistry.
  • The only sure thing you have in this world is you. You are your best investment. So don’t doubt for a second that you can do it.

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Becoming the Child Whisperer with Dr. Josh Wren

Becoming the Child Whisperer with Dr. Josh Wren - RD Podcast Fellow Relentless Dentists, this week I’m proud to bring you an interview with accomplished young dentist Dr. Josh Wren. Dr. Wren owns a practice in Mississippi, where he specializes in treating pediatric patients in a compassionate and efficient manner. He also publishes courses online about pediatric dentistry so fellow dentists can benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Josh and I talk about his educational journey and how a great dental experience at age seven made him want to be a dentist. Josh also shares some technical tips about why stainless steel crowns should be a staple in your toolbox, and how to handle the parents of your young patients.

We then discuss how to know whether you should keep a patient in-house or refer them out. Josh also talks about struggling practices around the country, and how you can immediately increase your patient volume. Josh also offers an awesome discount for his upcoming live course in Chicago, “Pediatric Dental Pearls for the General Dentist,” taking place on May 19th & 20th this year – see details below!

Key Quotes:

  • I don’t like the term behavior modification or management – I prefer the term behavior guidance.
  • That’s my drive – for general dentists to have the knowledge that I as a board-certified pediatric dentist have.
  • An expert in anything was once just a beginner.
  • If you’re out there and don’t have a stainless steel crown kit but you have pediatric patients, do yourself a favor and get one. It’s the most predictable, efficient procedure we can do in dentistry.
  • If you can get the child to trust you, and not hurt them, and finish all of the treatment in two appointments or less, keep them in-house as a general dentist.
  • I’m a big believer in a 20-30 minute appointment, max, for a child under eight.
  • I hear dentists are struggling these days with insurance-based practices, whether to go in-network because they’re struggling with patient base and volume – and one way to immediately increase that is to become more of a family dentist.
  • We’ve gotta start focusing on the good and stop focusing on one failure out of fifty.

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The Bold Biography of Dr. Marc Cooper

Quotes & Notes:The Bold Biography of Dr. Marc Cooper - Relentless Dentist Podcasts

  •  One of the things about being in the business is that there is a certain consistency with being a dentist.
  • In my work, you need to be flexible.
  • Bring whatever you might need instead of preplanning.
  • “Be the change you want to see in the world,”  Gandhi.
  • Distinction, which is how you see the world, determines how you act in the world.  No distinction no power.
  • Working on the inside to produce outside results.

The better I know myself the better choices that I can make. 

Therefore produce better outcomes I can achieve.

  • Today it [dentistry] is about we.
  • Most dentist are unprepared to maximize their assets in this new ecology.
  • When you have external money flowing into an industry it is a game-changer.
  • You can’t win the war by yourself, so collaborate.
  • Failure for me is a constant.  It’s my relationship to failure that’s changed.  Everyone fails.
  • Breakdowns are the access to the future.  You can’t change something unless it fails.
  • Last week I tried to produce a new kind of course, and I said I would fill it with people.  I failed.  It was a failure to keep a promise.
  • There are five hats you have to wear.  Ownership, Leadership, Management, Marketing, and Clinician.
  • Yes, [I have barriers] myself being the toughest one.
  • Trust yourself to express yourself and see what that gives you.
  • Dr. Copper would suggest every dentist read Courage by Gus Lee.

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