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  • There really isn’t any kind of success without genuine happiness, and I believe no one is happy unless you don’t live your life on your own terms.
  • If you can’t take a vacation and you really want to, if you can’t take a week off or two weeks or anything like that, if you can’t take an unexpected day off to visit a friend in need or to pay final respects to a funeral, then you are not successful yet.

Even when I am teaching, I make it a point to inject somewhere in a conversation to the younger dentists to not live beyond your means.

  • Honestly what drove me more than anything else, and still drives me, was the fear of failure.
  • I probably peaked when I got into the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, and that was the end of it, for when I got to Penn, I got my butt kicked.
  • I remember, maybe five to ten years into practicing there (the new practice), I made an absolute sacrilegious move in that I put up an electric sign.  It wasn’t brash, it was just a nice little sign.
  • The center of your success in your dental practice is getting people to say yes.
  • Struggles can be self-induced or you can be dealt a bad hand of cards and I have had both.
  • The year that I moved in to my new building, I had started to reach what I believed to be a high level of success, but there was one problem.  When I was at the end of my dental training career I got involved using cocaine . . . I got in trouble and they all got busted.  And the worst part for me was that it was a really big story.  I lost my license.
  • You know, I sold vacuum cleaners to pay the rent.
  • My father died about a year and a half after I lost my license, and I had a hearing to see whether I could get it back.  Imagine the practice is closed, the practice that he had worked for 30 years and that I had taken over was closed.  I went to the board of dentistry and I actually pleaded with them and said, “If you are going to help me, I need you to help me today.”
  • And that would not be the end of my obstacles for in 2007 I lost my son to drugs.  This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.
  • 2009 I had was diagnosed with stage three and two lung cancer and had an 86 percent chance of dying in twenty-four months.
  • If you ever overcome the loss of a child, there is nothing else to be scared of.
  • The only barrier to success is myself.  If I give up.  If I allow myself to say this is too much.
  • If I sit here and morn for the next ten years, I will just be ten years older and realize that I am still alive.  Do your best from the very beginning.

“Never, never quit,” Winston Churchill.

  • If you live everyday like it is your last, then one day in fact you are going to be correct.  If you knew that now, would you live it as you have now planned it?
  • You have nothing to lose tomorrow.  It’s going to happen because you earned it.
  • Dr. Steve would recommend every dentist read The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley.
  • You can reach Dr. Steven Rasner with his email [email protected] and at realizingthedream.com.

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