Establishing the Link Between Oral and Physical Health - RD PodcastThis week on the Relentless Dentist, I share a fascinating conversation with Dr. Tom Larkin and Dr. Brad Bale from the Voices of Dentistry 2017 conference. This dynamic duo is leading the effort to highlight the link between oral health and arterial disease – the root cause of many forms of physical illness in this country.

Tom and Brad are collaborating on an initiative to raise awareness about the link between periodontal disease and arterial wellness. The Bale-Doneen method is revolutionizing the treatment of ailments and putting an emphasis on oral wellness. We talk about the research underway which is helping to establish the relationship between heart failure and poor oral health.

On this episode, we also discuss the programs that Brad and Tom have created to train dentists and their staff to focus on a patient’s holistic oral well-being. They’re working to help open the minds of both dentists and patients to help everyone understand the link between oral diseases and a patient’s long-term, overall physical health.

Key Quotes:

  • Inflammation is what drives arterial disease.
  • You really need to maintain the health of your arteries to maintain an excellent quality of life.
  • Understand that our work maintaining a healthy mouth is actually saving lives, not just making people’s smiles look great.
  • The beauty of the Bale-Doneen method is that it’s an exact diagnostic protocol.
  • There are three areas of inflammation that the dentist can address.
  • Our method does actually halt and regress disease. That’s been shown.
  • Most dentists aren’t anchored in insurance.

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