Colin Receveur: You can attract the patients you want online!

Quotes & Notes:Colin Receveur: You can attract the patients you want online! - RD Podcast

  • You have to get in front of them.  The old school advertising term is impressions. You have to get them to your website.  You have to convert them, move them to the next step.
  • Your four pillars are Visibility, Conversion, Followup, and Tracking.
  • There is still a ton of dentists that don’t have enough web presence.
  • Not only is google not telling us what people are searching for, what it is, it is a push towards their pay for click advertising.
  • Google is moving towards this omnipotent google that predicts and just knows what people are searching for, where they don’t want people optimizing their websites.
  • My father was a dentist.  That is how I got into it myself.
  • It’s unfortunate that you just can’t hang out your shingle and people will come to you, but its a factor of competition, and economics.  Why would they want to choose you?
  • You need to start advertising and go start advertising where people are looking.

People are looking overwhelmingly online.  Do you follow consumer trends?

  • What makes a patient want to go to you rather than the one down the road?  What makes you different?
  • When a consumer makes a decision, in the health care industry specifically, they’re looking at trust and perceived expertise.
  • Talk to people in the language they are speaking.
  • Do the same thing in your marketing.  Speak, as if you are speaking to a person.
  • Joe Polish: “Enter the conversation that is already happening.  Step into the conversation that the patient is already having in their head.”
  • Every dentist wants more time. Every dentist wants to communicate better with their patients.
  • There are two big benefits to video, one technical and one not.  The technical benefit to video is search engine ranking, its visibility.  The other thing that video does is it humanizes dentists.
  • If you want Medicare and Medicaid patients, put on your websites that you offer that, because you are going to attract those and repel others.

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Dr. Sean Tarpenning’s Bold Biography

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Sean Tarpenning's Bold Biography - RD Podcasts

  • Mantra – “The choices you make in life dictate the life you lead.”
  • “You can learn a lot from people who work hard and understand people.”
  • “I visited about 40 practices.”
  • “I belong to mastermind groups in both marketing business area and clinical side of things.”
  • “It’s about using your time wisely.”
  • “He talked about a pyramid of patients – new patient for basic dentistry – existing hygiene patients – niche services.”
  • “Invisalign is about 1/3 of my bread and butter practice.”
  • “I had a $34,000 mistake early in my career…I decided well, it’s a good lesson.”
  • “Surround yourself with a great team and delegate.”
  • “Once you get a big enough reason why you want to do things…it motivates you to take action.”
  • Book Recommendation – The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack

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Jim Palmer on “Why it’s not all about new patients”

Quotes & Notes:

Jim Palmer on “Why it’s not all about new patients” - Podcast

  • “Retention is the new acquisition.”
  • “When I say focus on retention, it is a deliberate strategy.”
  • Referring to Disney – “Do you know that over 70% of their revenue that they take in via their theme parks comes from previous customers.”
  • “You are only thinking about the expense and you are not thinking about the return on that investment.”
  • “Print does not have to compete with as much noise.”
  • [the challenges of] “Email marketing…if you get a 20% deliverability rate, you are a rockstar…800 of your 1000 patients are not going to get it.”
  • “For those people who are still thinking digital is the way to go, there’s something I call the ultimate test if you think digital still has a good value. What I tell people to do is the next time your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday comes around, send them a text message instead of a Hallmark card and see what kind of reaction you get.”
  • “Most popular size for a newsletter is a 4-pager.”
  • “There should be no selling…you can share a story about how one of your services has helped a patient.”

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