Jim Palmer on “Why it’s not all about new patients”

Quotes & Notes:

Jim Palmer on “Why it’s not all about new patients” - Podcast

  • “Retention is the new acquisition.”
  • “When I say focus on retention, it is a deliberate strategy.”
  • Referring to Disney – “Do you know that over 70% of their revenue that they take in via their theme parks comes from previous customers.”
  • “You are only thinking about the expense and you are not thinking about the return on that investment.”
  • “Print does not have to compete with as much noise.”
  • [the challenges of] “Email marketing…if you get a 20% deliverability rate, you are a rockstar…800 of your 1000 patients are not going to get it.”
  • “For those people who are still thinking digital is the way to go, there’s something I call the ultimate test if you think digital still has a good value. What I tell people to do is the next time your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday comes around, send them a text message instead of a Hallmark card and see what kind of reaction you get.”
  • “Most popular size for a newsletter is a 4-pager.”
  • “There should be no selling…you can share a story about how one of your services has helped a patient.”

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