Quotes & Notes:Dr. Sean Tarpenning's Bold Biography - RD Podcasts

  • Mantra – “The choices you make in life dictate the life you lead.”
  • “You can learn a lot from people who work hard and understand people.”
  • “I visited about 40 practices.”
  • “I belong to mastermind groups in both marketing business area and clinical side of things.”
  • “It’s about using your time wisely.”
  • “He talked about a pyramid of patients – new patient for basic dentistry – existing hygiene patients – niche services.”
  • “Invisalign is about 1/3 of my bread and butter practice.”
  • “I had a $34,000 mistake early in my career…I decided well, it’s a good lesson.”
  • “Surround yourself with a great team and delegate.”
  • “Once you get a big enough reason why you want to do things…it motivates you to take action.”
  • Book Recommendation – The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack

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