Quotes & Notes:mark costes

  • I believe that referral generation is the number one thing for building any person’s practice very very rapidly.
  • We want to identify who our ideal patients are.
  • You get those people to bring in their friends and families, and then you will have more of those ideal patients.
  • We have to do everything we can to build trust. To lower the suspicion level and show that we are there for their best interest and not to just steal their wallet out of their back pocket.

We have an eight-step process where every step-point of the patient has a very set script and it’s choreographed really.

  • We have to remember that this is a job interview for us.  We want that patient to hire us for their lifetime.
  • What we like to do is create a culture within our office that they look like “We know that you are the ideal type of patient but we want more patients like you.” To do this we have a built-in system.
  • All we do is take our active patient base and we send them a letter with three referral generation cards inside.  For each referral generation card, we have a referral reward.
  • When people send in a referral we have a fishbowl on top of our counter.  That referral gets dropped into the fishbowl and every three months we pull a grand prize winner out of the fishbowl with the referrers name and referees name and that person gets a grand prize.
  • We have a quota every week to get three testimonials and three pictures with the doctors. We only get them with our favorite patients. And that makes it much easier on the staff.
  • People will automatically assume you are busy enough and don’t need more patients unless you say you are never busy enough.

A simple thank you will sometimes go a long way.

  • If you create this feeling for the patients that they are recognized and everybody on staff knows who they are, when they walk in they feel like norm from cheers, those are the people that will become the walking billboard.  They are the rockstars, just because they feel like they belong there.
  • If you want to learn more about what we talked about on the relentless dentist, be sure to check out Dr. Mark Costes book, Pillars of Dental Success.
  • Be sure to check out the dental success summit, which takes place on March 20th and 21st in Scottsdale Arizona at the Scottsdale Resort, if you want to hear more from Dr. Mark Costes. 

The website is dentalsuccesssummit.com. Have any questions? Then email them at info@truedentalsuccess.com.

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