Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Titans of Dentistry

Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Titans of Dentistry - RD PodcastIn this episode, I’ll be sharing a presentation I delivered at the Voices of Dentistry event last month. A lot of energy went into this presentation, and if you’re interested in hearing about some of the biggest lessons to be learned from the top titans in dentistry, this is for you. You’ll get some incredible tactical insights about what separates the top dentists from the bottom dentists, how to define success, and much more.

Listen in to learn what practice growth really means and the best way to focus on growing personally and professionally. The importance of building a team and supporting your organization through exceptional leadership is definitely a key component here, as well as accountability, overcoming difficulty, balance, and clarity.

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Key Quotes:

  • “I love my life now. I’m so thankful, I’m so grateful—and I’m hungry as hell for more.”
  • “What we found out is that success is to be defined on your own terms.”
  • “Mine this book, mine this presentation for gems you can apply to your own life.”
  • “I was telling people to live their epic life, but I wasn’t.”
  • “I knew that if I could climb out of that pit, I would never stop climbing.”
  • “Where are you right now? And where do you want to be?”
  • “Titans have a growth mindset.”
  • “I believe that the values and the mission of the organization support the team.”
  • “Titans are accountable. What is the opposite of accountability? Blame.”
  • “Clarity is certainly knowing what you want, and you want what you want. It shouldn’t be associated with a lot of guilt, and it shouldn’t be you chasing others’ visions and versions of success.”
  • “Forget the how. Know what you want, why you want it, and who you have to become to get it.”
  • “Sometimes courage is just listening to your team.”
  • “Every one of those decisions can be a step forward into fear or a step backward into comfort.”
  • “Dentists are purposeful.”
  • “The thing we know for sure is that most of our decisions, most of our activity, is driven by our subconscious mind. We think we’re in control, but we’re mostly in autopilot.”
  • “I changed my story, and my results changed.”

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Hey Jude and Your Epic Life

Hey Jude and Your Epic Life - Relentless Dentist Podcast

One of the most common questions received on this show is how to organize and engineer a high-performance life. In this episode, Dr. Dave will be giving you an inside look at his 4×4 epic life matrix that he uses to design and keep his life on track. He explains not only how to use it but also gives examples based on how he fills out and uses his.

Dr. Dave breaks down the basics of this model by explaining the different elements that go into it, such a: values, experiences, development, giving and much more. He shows how these different areas of your life can be categorized, mapped out and organized in a way that is efficient and highly effective.

Key Quotes:

“How do we find the magic moments in each day to feel truly grateful for.”

“I can have whatever I want as long as I can get really clear on what I want and put forth the energy to execute it.”

“As a high-performance coach, I’m coaching my clients in 5 categories: clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.”

“Oftentimes I got to the target and it didn’t necessarily make me feel the way that I wanted it to feel.”

“Who you think you are is really how you interact.”

“If we don’t engineer this stuff, we can spend a lot of time in stress, anxiety, depression, and discontent.”

“I actually have a list of people in this category that I want to make sure I’m investing in.”

“I want to make sure I’m giving and I’m serving in a proper way.”

“I’m not looking for mastery now, I’m looking for incremental improvements.”

“High-performance coaching is uninstalling these limiting beliefs and installing powerful habits and rituals.”

“We’re chasing other peoples’ versions of success. Take some time and make your own.”

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Putting Knowledge To Use and Sharpening Your Focus with Dr. Justin Bhullar

Putting Knowledge To Use & Sharpening Your Focus with Dr. Justin Bhullar

As academics, it can be easy and even quite enjoyable to continually be feeding ourselves new knowledge but if we never put that knowledge into practice, it means nothing. Dr. Justin Bhullar joins us on the show to share his journey of pushing through some tough obstacles to arrive where he is today. His optimism and work ethic are inspiring and he has lots of great insight on learning, improving and leading that you can learn from and implement into your own practice.
Justin explains how he turned his pain points and weaknesses into strengths and motivators. He also emphasizes the importance of the people you work with and how to take your leadership to the next level. Justin leaves us with the powerful idea that we should plan to fail and explains how that mindset will lead to resilience and strongly affect our ability to learn and grow.

Key Quotes:

  • “The path to success, like we talked about, is not a straight line.”
  • “Knowledge is not power, knowledge is put to use as power.”
  • “Just knowing is not enough. You have to put it to use.”
  • “If you’re devoting all of your time to learning and none of it to implementation, you’re not really going anywhere.”
  • “People can see if you are genuinely interested in them.”
  • “Why you’re doing what you’re doing is so much more important than what it is you’re doing.”
  • “In order to embark on this journey, you must plan to fail.”
  • “Fail, learn, move on quick.”
  • “Have fun, get a mentor.”

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