Building a Life and Practice Without Regrets with Dr. Peter Boulden

Building a Life and Practice Without Regrets with Dr. Peter BouldenThis week, I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with fellow podcaster Dr. Peter Boulden: dentist, marketer, and businessman extraordinaire. Peter is the brains behind the Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast and the owner of several dental practices.

Peter is here to talk about why he loves the business side of dentistry and what attracted him to the profession in the first place. He’s also one of the best advisors on dental marketing and systems out there, so be sure to tune in for that advice!

We chat about Peter’s first job out of dental school and why he offered to work three months for free – seriously! – just to be at a practice he admired. We then cover entrepreneurship and the ups and downs of owning your own practices. Peter shares some of the quotes and books that motivate him now and in hard times, and why he thinks perfectionism is a detrimental concept. He’s also chock-full of actionable marketing tips you won’t want to miss!

Key Quotes:

  • I knew that my chances of being successful were more enhanced by coming back to the place where people knew and loved me.
  • As a new grad, you have the tools but you are by no means ready to roll.
  • People told me we were gonna fail, which is kind of a blessing because it fuels you every morning.
  • I like the multiple ownership model because it keeps me busy, and I get to flex my muscles with marketing and systems and all that stuff.
  • I’m a big fan of reverse engineering – visualizing what I want and then filling in the steps going backwards.
  • I don’t strive for perfection; I strive for progress and value.
  • People have depth in so many areas that I don’t and I just want to pull all the pearls I can from their brain.
  • No one has a vested interest to grow your practice the way you’re going to.
  • People will pay for value – and the same thing can transcend for dentistry.
  • The only sure thing you have in this world is you. You are your best investment. So don’t doubt for a second that you can do it.

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Deliece Hofen on “Hope Filled Living”

Quotes & Notes:Deliece Hofen on "Hope Filled Living" - Relentless Dentist Podcasts

  • “He had a 30% chance for a 5 year survival.”
  • “Braden and I actually had chemo on the same days. We were bald together.”
  • “If you are strong enough and brave enough to just get up and keep fighting then I’m going to keep fighting too.”
  • “We’re lucky we even get a chance to even try anything.”
  • “If this is the only time that we get, do I want to spend it with me in bed with the pillow over my head…”
  • “Just make the days good.”
  • “It’s been absolutely amazing to see the beauty of the human spirit.”
  • “…it makes you want to turn around and continue doing good for other people.”
  • “I’m a stubborn enough person that fear actually fuels me into action.”
  • “I’m scared out of my mind but I refuse to allow cancer to stop us dead in our tracks.”
  • Mantra – Everything around us is a gift.

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Richard Rierson on “Charting Your Leadership Journey”

Quotes & Notes:Richard Rierson on "Charting Your Leadership Journey"

  • “It’s about lifting other people up.”
  • “You’re obligated to do everything you can to learn what it means to become a leader.”
  • “Assume the accountability of the success and particularly the failures of that organization.”
  • “…this is a lifelong process that never ends.”
  • “Every interaction with a human being is an opportunity for leadership and growth.”
  • “How good are they at being a leader and handling the gray areas?”
  • “Real leaders understand the emotional intelligence side…”
  • “People want to be part of the solution.”
  • “Confidence is the core of a natural charisma.”
  • “The less confidence you have, the faster you give up trying.”
  • Confidence killers:  Low self-image; fear; worrying about other people’s opinion of you
  • “Fear is a necessary requirement of courage.”
  • “The uncertainty of the future never goes away.”

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