Quotes & Notes:Deliece Hofen on "Hope Filled Living" - Relentless Dentist Podcasts

  • “He had a 30% chance for a 5 year survival.”
  • “Braden and I actually had chemo on the same days. We were bald together.”
  • “If you are strong enough and brave enough to just get up and keep fighting then I’m going to keep fighting too.”
  • “We’re lucky we even get a chance to even try anything.”
  • “If this is the only time that we get, do I want to spend it with me in bed with the pillow over my head…”
  • “Just make the days good.”
  • “It’s been absolutely amazing to see the beauty of the human spirit.”
  • “…it makes you want to turn around and continue doing good for other people.”
  • “I’m a stubborn enough person that fear actually fuels me into action.”
  • “I’m scared out of my mind but I refuse to allow cancer to stop us dead in our tracks.”
  • Mantra – Everything around us is a gift.

If you would like to connect with Deliece go to Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer –  www.bradenshope.org

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