Hey Jude and Your Epic Life

One of the most common questions received on this show is how to organize and engineer a high-performance life. In this episode Dr. Dave will be giving you an inside look at his 4×4 epic life matrix that he uses to design and keep his life on track. He explains not only how to use it but also gives examples based on how he fills out and uses his.

Dr. Dave breaks down the basics of this model by explaining the different elements that go into it, such a: values, experiences, development, giving and much more. He shows how these different areas of your life can be categorized, mapped out and organized in a way that is efficient and highly effective.

Key Quotes:

“How do we find the magic moments in each day to feel truly grateful for.”

“I can have whatever I want as long as I can get really clear on what I want and put forth the energy to execute it.”

“As a high performance coach, I’m coaching my clients in 5 categoregies: clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.”

“Often times I got to the target and it didn’t necessarily make me feel the way that I wanted it to feel.”

“Who you think you are is really how you interact.”

“If we don’t engineer this stuff, we can spend a lot of time in stress, anxiety, depression and discontent.”

“I actually have a list of people in this category that I want to make sure I’m investing in.”

“I want to make sure I’m giving and I’m serving in a proper way.”

“I’m not looking for mastery now, I’m looking for incremental improvements.”

“High performance coaching is uninstalling these limiting beliefs and installing powerful habits and rituals.”

“We’re chasing other peoples’ version of success. Take some time and make your own.”

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The Power of Integrity and Leadership with Dr. Paul Etchison

There are so many road blocks that get in the way of a strong performing team and effective practice but almost all of them can be overcome through strong leadership and integrity. Paul Etchison has some great insight into this and shares some valuable advice on how to become a great leader and use integrity to make your practice better and life easier. He emphasizes the fact that seemingly small details, such as touch-points, are more important and impactful than people think.

Paul discusses the importance of doing everything with integrity and how you can use humility and honesty to become a better leader and improve your practice. He also talks about the importance of intentionality through setting goals, refining systems and always improving your leadership skills. He also talks about the unexpected complications of going from 4-3 work days and how he has navigated that experience in a positive way.

Key Quotes:

  • “I think people aren’t setting goals. Once you get out and figure out what you want to do and be intentional about it, then you can reverse engineer all the steps that you need to get there. I think a lot of people never put that pen to paper.”
  • “He who walks with integrity, walks securely. And he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”  – Proverbs 10:8
  • “If you do everything for the right reasons and you do the right thing all the time, you have nothing to worry about.”
  • “Your word should be golden. Everybody should know that when you say something, you’re going to do it.”
  • “The leadership information is out there and I think people don’t really seek it out because it’s not sexy.”
  • “It all starts with leadership so that’s gotta be the foundation. That’s number one. If you can’t lead, nothings gonna happen – you’re not getting anything done.”

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Building a Fulfilling Business and Life by Beginning with the End in Mind with Andrew Turchin

Envisioning where you want to end up in life is the first step towards making it happen. Andrew Turchin did just that and built his business patiently and wisely so that he could end up exactly where he wanted to be. On this episode he shares the hurdles and fascinating details that are a part of his story. They all helped him end up with a successful and fulfilling life in an unlikely place.

Andrew’s specialty and passion in dentistry is with reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. He grew and sold a successful practice in NYC and is now growing a successful practice in the small tourist town of Aspen, Colorado. Training and retaining staff as well as customers is a common issue with local businesses, but he was prepared for the challenge –  thinking out of the box to make it work.

You will gain some great insight from Andrew regarding the importance of beginning with the end in mind as well as “dreamscaping.” He emphasized the unconventional method he developed his skills, as well as the important process of gaining confidence. He later shares how you should not be afraid to ‘toot your own horn’ along with great tips on how he get his team motivated and involved.

Key Quotes:

  • “We try to report leading indicators and get people excited – Take good opportunities to say, “You did a great job!” and “Awesome!” and people just do it more. It’s just positive reinforcement.”
  • “Life does guide people where they should be if you’re listening close enough.”
  • “I’ve taken plenty of courses, don’t get me wrong, but my best knowledge has been practicing in the practices of those people that people end up taking a continuum with.”
  • “I truly believe in somebody being right there either chair-side or a phone call away to help people through the process and to learn that way, versus sitting in a lecture and thinking you’re going to go back and reconstruct someone’s mouth Monday morning.”
  • “You can either focus on that failure or you can make it a success.”
  • “I’m not very shy so I’ll tell people who I think I am and what I think I can do for them and I’ll do that every day.”
  • “Focus on your zone of genius or unique ability as much as possible.”

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