Stop Waiting: Become the Leader You’ve Always Wanted To Be with Dr. CK Lin

Stop Waiting: Become the Leader You’ve Always Wanted To Be with Dr. CK Lin Are you a high-achiever? If you answered yes, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode. Dr. CK Lin is an executive mentor for high-achievers who supports them to be the leaders they’ve always wanted to be—and to achieve success beyond material things. CK is also a master interviewer with a podcast called Noble Warrior, where he goes right to the heart of things and dives into what really matters.

In this episode, CK is discussing how the idea for his podcast came from Burning Man, how he got started in the coaching business, and why it matters how leaders show up. Listen in to learn his tips on personal mastery, how to gain momentum to impact people and patients in your practice, and the one key question you should be asking to get real clarity in your life and business.

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Key Quotes:

  • “If it’s not deep, it’s not worth doing.”
  • “You need to find what is harmonious for you.”
  • “Human beings don’t like to be told what to do.”
  • “At its best is harmony; not at its best is performance.”
  • “Copying your competitors is a good shortcut, but if that’s your only strategy to be successful, you’re not going to be an industry leader or innovator.”
  • “All those disempowering beliefs are obstructing you from this inner source of power and ideas and creativity and inner peace to actually make the kind of impact that you want to make.”

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Dictators and Daily Disciplines

Dictators and Daily Disciplines - Relentless Dentist Podcast

In this episode Dr. Dave Maloley sits down with Dr. Mark Costes to share some valuable tips on practice leadership, life balance and maintaining motivation and focus on the daily disciplines. The two discuss how to harness your dark side, the impact of mortality motivation, what dictates the upper limit of your practice and much more.

Dr. Dave talks about some painful lessons he has learned along the way and how he stays centered. He shares some really valuable techniques to hold onto motivation, lessons learned and focus without letting it slip over time. Dr. Dave also talks about how to use passion as a rocket booster in your life and which areas you should make sure you’re ‘trending upward‘ in.

Key Quotes:

“It’s not whether or not you ever make a bad decision or misstep. It’s what happens in realizing you made a mistake and what you do with that information.” – Dr. Mark

“I think the practice needs to provide you with things other than, you know, a definite paycheck, consistency and ability to grow as a leader – and that’s to influence and impact others.” – Dr. Dave

“I think there’s a lot of guilt that goes into dentistry when you’re not completely engaged.” – Dr. Dave

“I’m grateful for the journey because it’s only made me stronger going through it.” – Dr. Dave

“Most of us are a blend of personalities but we have a dominant.” – Dr. Mark

“We need to serve our practice and our patience, no doubt, but we need to engineer it in a way that it’s serving us.” – Dr. Dave

“Realizing it could all end at any time is sometimes the ultimate motivation.” – Dr. Dave

“When you have an idea, it doesn’t have to stay an idea – It doesn’t have to stay an idea with enough action and vision.” – Dr. Dave

“At some point, no matter how much we’re rocked, we can get sucked back into that whirlwind and forget how important those lessons were.” – Dr. Mark

“Are we going to be victims of this or are we going to use this to strengthen our relationships, to increase the way we view the world, how we’re going to come at the world when we have future challenges. So did this happen to you or for you.” – Dr. Mark

“If you stick with the fundamentals and stick with the vision, anything is possible. It’s just a matter of time between point A and point B.” – Dr. Dave

“We’re swinging for home runs when the magic is really in daily disciplines and installing new habits.” – Dr. Dave

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Hey Jude and Your Epic Life

Hey Jude and Your Epic Life - Relentless Dentist Podcast

One of the most common questions received on this show is how to organize and engineer a high-performance life. In this episode, Dr. Dave will be giving you an inside look at his 4×4 epic life matrix that he uses to design and keep his life on track. He explains not only how to use it but also gives examples based on how he fills out and uses his.

Dr. Dave breaks down the basics of this model by explaining the different elements that go into it, such a: values, experiences, development, giving and much more. He shows how these different areas of your life can be categorized, mapped out and organized in a way that is efficient and highly effective.

Key Quotes:

“How do we find the magic moments in each day to feel truly grateful for.”

“I can have whatever I want as long as I can get really clear on what I want and put forth the energy to execute it.”

“As a high-performance coach, I’m coaching my clients in 5 categories: clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.”

“Oftentimes I got to the target and it didn’t necessarily make me feel the way that I wanted it to feel.”

“Who you think you are is really how you interact.”

“If we don’t engineer this stuff, we can spend a lot of time in stress, anxiety, depression, and discontent.”

“I actually have a list of people in this category that I want to make sure I’m investing in.”

“I want to make sure I’m giving and I’m serving in a proper way.”

“I’m not looking for mastery now, I’m looking for incremental improvements.”

“High-performance coaching is uninstalling these limiting beliefs and installing powerful habits and rituals.”

“We’re chasing other peoples’ versions of success. Take some time and make your own.”

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Finding Perspective in Tough Situations – A Story of Resignation and the One Armed Cowboy

The last 48 hours have been quite a test for Dr. Dave so in this episode he will share what he learned about fixing the frame and keeping things in perspective. It’s so easy to let problems take over your mind and distract you from other important areas of your life so he shares how to not let tough situations get you bogged down and off track. You’ll learn more about frame control and how to make sure you stop things that cause you to leak energy.

Dr. Dave discusses the importance of simulating and looking for triggers that will pull you out of distracted or distressed states. He emphasizes how important it is to be able to keep moving and even double down in other areas of your life when one area seems to be going all wrong. He shares valuable tips on how to regain mental control, clarity, peace and perspective in situations that seem out of control.

Key Quotes:

  • “If you control the frame, you control the game and the frame is the context or belief through which a person, situation or conversation is perceived.”
  • “You can imagine how I’m triggered in this moment – I start arguing with this email.”
  • “Just like a cowboy, right. You just get back on the horse and ride.”
  •  “You have plenty to be grateful for but there’s also plenty going wrong at any given moment so what you focus on determines your physiology, your energy, a lot of these things we talk about in high performance coaching.”
  • “You can engineer triggers or look for triggers that put you in a more positive state so that you’re not leaking energy.”
  • “When things aren’t going well in one part of your life, it pays to double down in the other important pillars of your life.”
  • “Focusing on my business would not give me power so I focused on the things that WOULD give me power.”

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The Secret to Achieving High Performance through Self-Leadership with Karah Maloley

Achieving High Performance through Self-Leadership with Karah Maloley

Dr. Karah Maloley, wife of Dr. Dave, joins on the podcast this episode to discuss and reflect the incredible changes in the practice over the past year. They go through the goals that were set for the past year and discuss the outcomes and how they worked out so well. One of the big things discussed was how they managed to go from four-day work week to a three-day work week while still growing and having a record year.

Dr. Dave talks about how taking more time off has improved his leadership skills and in-turn helped make his team and his clients happier. He also talks about the habits he has been working on and his obsession with high performance and sustainable growth and success. They emphasize the importance of accountability and leadership by example and they share ways to breathe life and passion into your practice.

Key Quotes:

  • “I made the decision we were going to go from four-day work weeks to three-day work weeks.”
  • “It’s about impact and intention and knowing what we’re there for and being hyper-focused to get results every day.”
  • “Despite the reduction in days and hours, we grew probably more than we have in 6 or 7 years.”
  • “A happy team creates happier patients.”
  • “The extra time that I have, those days where I can work on different projects, have allowed me to I think, be a more focused leader and work a lot more on myself.”
  • “Self-leadership always precedes great team leadership.”
  • “A lot of turning points in my life have come from trying times and tragedies, what if I just engineer it this year?”
  • “Most dentists are working in their practice, high level dentists are working in their practice and on their practice, the highest level dentists I’m convinced are working on themselves.”

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