Dr. Chris Phelps – The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 2)

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  • What matters more about whDr. Chris Phelps - The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 2) - RD Podcastether people say yes to picking up the phone is really the headline that may be all they need. In fact few sometimes even going into the content.

The majority of men actually prefer the content to be bullet-points, highlights, and pictures. Women, on the other hand, studies have shown, they love the story.

  • When you start competing on price whether you realize it or not, we all lose.
  • How do we get a better quality patient? Well, the offers I like to do are called gift at purchase, I like to give away a free electric flosser or electric toothbrush with paid new patient exams.
  • Let other people’s giveaway be your offer.

You need some way to get the data you need to make smart decisions.

  • You have to keep the positive, progress not perfection and it never hurts to throw in a bonus.
  • The six principals are reciprocity, liking, consensus (social proof), authority, consistency, and scarcity. And a little known thing I would consider the seventh principle which is the contrast phenomena.

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Dr. Chris Phelps – The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 1)

Quotes & Notes:Dr. Chris Phelps - The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 1)

  • I joined a dental practice (after graduating from dental school) and what I loved about it was that it was a fee for service practice.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention, so suddenly when there’s pressure on you, it gets your juices going.
  • If you are relentless about it, it’s going to happen.

We need to be marketers, but a lot of times we don’t have time to be marketers. I was trying to figure out marketing and get to its essence, and that’s what these seven pillars are.

  • Study your market and learn everything you can about them, and learn the patterns.
  • If they can’t tell a difference between practices by looking at an add-piece then guess what they use as a deciding factor? Your price.
  • Say you do sedation dentistry, what is the problem that the patient has that sedation dentistry is the solution for? Fear. One of the big things that I love about sedation is that the side effects of the medication is amnesia, they have no memory of the visit for the most part. The headline of my message is this, forget you were ever here.
  • I don’t care where you are in the country, marketing is fishing with multiple fishing poles, not trying to sit there in a deer stand waiting for that one deer who may or may not come by and you may or may not be good enough to hit.
  • If you are in a network with a bunch of insurance companies, if that insurance company will pay you as the out of network provider then you can be out of network with those people and not lose the patients and they honestly will not know or care.

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The Art of Asking for Patient Testimonials

Quotes & Notes:The Art of Asking for Patient Testimonials - Relentless Dentist Podcast

  • There’s a lot of frustration in the world of marketing, and that really stems from a lot of other companies out there that don’t do a good job tracking their results, and ultimately getting patients in for the clients.
  • Any dentist out there that is spending any serious money on tracking, you have to use call tracking. It really gives you a good idea of what campaign is driving phone calls and what campaigns are not.

Healthy practices should see a healthy number of new patients coming from patient referrals.

  • The biggest compliment someone can give is to send their family and friends to you.

One of the things that we talk to our practices about is the importance of getting these reviews and the importance in the art of the ask.

  • The number one thing I would say for someone who feels frustrated is to get a plan, even if it is as simple as getting a sign in your office that says “Hey if you love us, leave a review.” Start small.
  • One thing that you don’t want to do is if you’ve gone for the last two years and you don’t have any reviews, you don’t want to get tomorrow. That shoots a red flag up, especially for Yelp.
  • Answering positive reviews is easy, you say thank you, you recognize the person by name, and it can be short and sweet. And then negative ones, it can be tricky, it can be infuriating. The first step is to take a deep breath and move away from the keyboard. Step out of defensiveness and into self-realization.
  • If you are getting reviews, put them in other places. Make sure people are seeing it in other places.

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Bob Sommers’ Secrets to Getting Positive Online Reviews

Quotes & Notes:Bob Sommers' Secrets to Getting Positive Online Reviews - RD Podcast

  • The most effective way to build your business, whether it be on or off the internet, has to deal with two types of marketing: referrals and what your reputation was on the internet.
  • One of the things that really disappoint me today is we have patients and customers that are saying these awesome things about us on Google and Yelp, there are a handful of dentists that get it, when they see that they thank their patients, but I’ve got to tell you most people don’t think twice about it.

We way more trust what your patients say about you over what you say about yourself.

  • If you ask someone to write a review for you, I would let most people know it is easier to do on a desktop on Google. If they have an iPhone I would make sure they know it’s possibly easier, but I would alert them to the fact that in order to do this they need to have google maps.
  • So here’s the biggest issue with Yelp. Yelp has these guidelines that say don’t ask people to go to Yelp specifically to write a review… Yelp, the key is only to have active Yelp users write the reviews.

The key to protecting yourself is to get an overwhelming number of five-star reviews.

  • The first thing I would encourage you to do [with a bad review] is you can look at Google’s review terms of service. You can contact Google and be specific and say “this review breaks… will you please remove it?” The next thing I would suggest you do before you respond publicly is to respond privately.  The last thing you do if nothing else works is to respond publicly.
  • In my humble opinion, you should ask virtually every patient you see.
  • One thing that I would suggest to anyone who is going to get reviews is you want to make sure you do this consistently.

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Taking on “the Corporates” – Lessons for “the Little Guy”

Quotes & Notes:Taking on "the Corporates" - Lessons for "the Little Guy" - Jake Puhl

  • Fear isn’t bad. We have to control it and make good decisions, but a lot of times fear causes us to change how we are doing things.
  • If we are boxing the corporates, they have some soft spots in their belly and that is where we are going to hit them. If you are a solo practice and you think you have a better quality of care, then your reviews have to show that.
  • The thing about corporates is that they are big and some would say slower to react. So corporates, they can’t have really, really good websites. Whereas solo practice can have an amazing built out, wonderful, a lot of great images of the staff, very well explained, you know really touching on the fears of the patient in the website.
  • One of the best things that work is actually if the front staff can have somebody pull out their cellphone and just leave it (the review) from their cellphone.

Dentistry is an emotional industry for patients. So they go to your website and what do they want? They want to learn about you, they want to trust you, so the second most visited page is the about us page and about the doctor page.

  • The first thing is being smart. In order to be smart we have to track things… because what we are going to do, we are going to try a few things, track them, and then take money out of what is not working and put it into what is working.
  • It’s about being agile because we are smaller and we can be jumping on those new opportunities (Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and the likes).
  • If we can get really good at digging deep into what that patient is thinking and feeling, then we can have an insight on how to build trust. One way to build trust is through education.
  • We really are big on special offers. If you are talking about a $40,000 case, giving up a $99 exam is an absolute no brainer.

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Scarcity in The Influential Dentist Series with Dr. Chris Phelps – Part 8

Quotes & Notes:limited_time_offer

  • The principle of scarcity basically says when resources become limited suddenly we want it more, simple as that.
  • Believe it or not, limited quantity has more influence and more power than a limited time.

You are more apt to use this principle to get people to take action today.

  • In using this principle you have to remember that in dentistry we are taught to sell the benefits of treatment. Well the reality is that people actually care more about what they stand to lose than what they stand to gain.
  • The more principles that can be present, the more we can use contrast together just ramps up the whole effect.
  • There is a huge opportunity for all of us. In the end of the year, like the end of October, you should have a postcard designed that says use it or lose it… If you haven’t used your dental insurance this year it resets this year.

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