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  • What matters more about whDr. Chris Phelps - The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 2) - RD Podcastether people say yes to picking up the phone is really the headline that may be all they need. In fact few sometimes even going into the content.

The majority of men actually prefer the content to be bullet-points, highlights, and pictures. Women, on the other hand, studies have shown, they love the story.

  • When you start competing on price whether you realize it or not, we all lose.
  • How do we get a better quality patient? Well, the offers I like to do are called gift at purchase, I like to give away a free electric flosser or electric toothbrush with paid new patient exams.
  • Let other people’s giveaway be your offer.

You need some way to get the data you need to make smart decisions.

  • You have to keep the positive, progress not perfection and it never hurts to throw in a bonus.
  • The six principals are reciprocity, liking, consensus (social proof), authority, consistency, and scarcity. And a little known thing I would consider the seventh principle which is the contrast phenomena.

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