Quotes & Notes:Dr. Chris Phelps - The 7 Pillars to Marketing Magic (Part 1)

  • I joined a dental practice (after graduating from dental school) and what I loved about it was that it was a fee for service practice.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention, so suddenly when there’s pressure on you, it gets your juices going.
  • If you are relentless about it, it’s going to happen.

We need to be marketers, but a lot of times we don’t have time to be marketers. I was trying to figure out marketing and get to its essence, and that’s what these seven pillars are.

  • Study your market and learn everything you can about them, and learn the patterns.
  • If they can’t tell a difference between practices by looking at an add-piece then guess what they use as a deciding factor? Your price.
  • Say you do sedation dentistry, what is the problem that the patient has that sedation dentistry is the solution for? Fear. One of the big things that I love about sedation is that the side effects of the medication is amnesia, they have no memory of the visit for the most part. The headline of my message is this, forget you were ever here.
  • I don’t care where you are in the country, marketing is fishing with multiple fishing poles, not trying to sit there in a deer stand waiting for that one deer who may or may not come by and you may or may not be good enough to hit.
  • If you are in a network with a bunch of insurance companies, if that insurance company will pay you as the out of network provider then you can be out of network with those people and not lose the patients and they honestly will not know or care.

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