In this episode, I will expound on The 6 Vision Mistakes Dentists Make. I will discuss how crafting a clear vision supports the team’s growth and reinforces the practice effectively.

More than ever, dentists need to have a well-defined mission and a compelling vision to reinforce their practice, not only for themselves but also for their staff and patients. It provides a clear and consistent direction as to where the practice is going.

Faced with many challenges aggravated by these uncertain times, dentists need to run a successful business to avoid plateaus. One key aspect of strengthening the business is value-creation among the team steered by a well-executed vision. It has to be big enough to fit all of the employees’ dreams and hopes in it.

What does your practice look like five years from now?

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Key Quotes:

  • “It’s important that we have a vision and we execute that properly.”
  • “Execution without vision creates friction.”
  • “Your vision has to be big enough to fit all of your employees’ dreams and hopes in it.”
  • “Being flexible and strategy is important once we define our mission and our vision.”
  • “Vision needs to stir excitement and emotion.”
  • “We need to evolve as humans.”
  • “We need to grow our practice by growing our people.”
  • “Make sure that you’re willing to become something much more.”

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