Do Well By Doing Good with Gina Dorfman

Today I am excited to have Dr. Gina Dorfman back on the show! A speaker, practice owner, and host of the Behind the Smiles podcast, Gina has some great insight on what it takes to lead and run a successful practice This episode is full of wisdom from a dentist and entrepreneur who has really taken the time to examine herself and her practice honestly and thoroughly.

Listen in as Gina and I talk about the importance of who you surround yourself with, as well as how we can be more in tune with what we want and what our patients want. You’ll learn how to break free from tunnel vision, the importance of focusing on doing what feels good, and how that actually ends up positively affecting everyone in the long run.

Key Quotes:

  • “A good influencer challenges you and makes you think differently.”
  • “Every decision I make is motivated by one thing: I want to feel good about myself.”
  • “We educate [patients] without asking their level of awareness and finding out what they want. Our exam is to make us feel good.”
  • “I like being surrounded by toxic people because if I get rid of all the toxic people, I will have to deal with all of the bad decisions I’ve made.”
  • “He didn’t just fix his life—he gave back to other people. That’s the person I want to be.”
  • “We need to stop lying to ourselves. We are so full of ourselves. We have this idea that we are the only ones who can do everything better than everyone else.”

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Putting Knowledge To Use and Sharpening Your Focus with Dr. Justin Bhullar

Putting Knowledge To Use & Sharpening Your Focus with Dr. Justin Bhullar

As academics, it can be easy and even quite enjoyable to continually be feeding ourselves new knowledge but if we never put that knowledge into practice, it means nothing. Dr. Justin Bhullar joins us on the show to share his journey of pushing through some tough obstacles to arrive where he is today. His optimism and work ethic are inspiring and he has lots of great insight on learning, improving and leading that you can learn from and implement into your own practice.
Justin explains how he turned his pain points and weaknesses into strengths and motivators. He also emphasizes the importance of the people you work with and how to take your leadership to the next level. Justin leaves us with the powerful idea that we should plan to fail and explains how that mindset will lead to resilience and strongly affect our ability to learn and grow.

Key Quotes:

  • “The path to success, like we talked about, is not a straight line.”
  • “Knowledge is not power, knowledge is put to use as power.”
  • “Just knowing is not enough. You have to put it to use.”
  • “If you’re devoting all of your time to learning and none of it to implementation, you’re not really going anywhere.”
  • “People can see if you are genuinely interested in them.”
  • “Why you’re doing what you’re doing is so much more important than what it is you’re doing.”
  • “In order to embark on this journey, you must plan to fail.”
  • “Fail, learn, move on quick.”
  • “Have fun, get a mentor.”

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Engaging and Retaining Millennials with Gary Kadi

Engaging and Retaining Millennials with Gary Kadi - RD PodcastWhen new generations come to work, it can be hard to adjust the way things are done in order to retain them. Gary Kadi is on the show and has some great insight on how to work well with millennials and build a practice that is engaged and effective. He also discusses why he stands against corporate dentistry and how he communicates more effectively with patients.

Gary really has found an interesting system to work with millennials that could benefit all practices. From a regular feedback and reward system, he has figured out how to speak the language of millennials that retains them and keeps them motivated. He also touches on why it’s so important to focus on preventative care rather than just reactionary care in order to truly protect the oral health of your patients.

Another big mission for Gary is his fight against corporate dentistry. He explains why this business model can become harmful to the dentistry industry as well as to the patients. He discusses what he is doing to save private practices and encourage the type of care that is patient-centered rather than board member-centric.

Key Quotes:

  • “Millenials only want to work in a purpose-driven business, they don’t want to be working in a transactional business.”
  • “They have a purpose, they have a bonus structure, they have a dream program and those layers are game-changers.”
  • “People do business with people who have the same beliefs.”
  • “The way to make money in dentistry is S – Salary, P – profit and F is freakin’ equity.”
  • “Retaining the private practitioner retains the care, the quality care for patients.”
  • “Our job is not just, you know, putting crowns on, but we’re here to create longevity and saving peoples’ lives and making a difference on the overall health of the patient.”
  • “The minute you believe that you should find the chief complaint, the game is over from the start.”
  • “We have to serve the patient from a preventative position not a reactive position.”

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“How to mount a epic comeback” with Dr. Karah Maloley

A brush with death brings about new life. Karah shares why it’s not how far you fall . . . it’s how high you bounce!

Quotes & Notes:

  • Before that [when I had my stroke] I didn’t really know what it was. I thought that it happens to older people…what I realized is that when you have this thing when you are younger, you can have your life back again, and that’s really what has happened to me.
  • I remember it all basically until I got there on the flight.
  • I was so happy to see our friends and family [in intensive care] like you normally would be.
  • I think you realize, that in those time frames it is amazing to have those people around you that you love.
  • People sometimes will do anything for you.  That’s how life works, that’s how people are so important in your business, in your life.
  • Dr. Dave – “I remember some of the big wins and what the celebrations were. They went to go put a sock on, and you took it away and put it on your own.”
  • I think you realize when you are in a lower place and life, no matter what it is, what can I do now? I never really thought why did this happen to me? It did happen to you.
  • I think 95% of my speech or reading and writing are back.
  • I think in some ways it is a matter of realizing that your life will be awesome at times and at times it won’t be awesome, and that is important.
  • I when you look at your life, it is a matter of do I have my foundation clear, can I be authentic, can I be the person at work that I am at home?

I think it is about challenging yourself more each day.

  • Life is about being forward thinking.
  • I am working on meditation, for if I can be better within my body, for example, I can do a lot with other people.
  • It is just a matter of be the mom that Bennett wants me to be.
  • If you are in it and decide I don’t like this, then you can go beyond where you want to be.
  • It’s not about what has been dealt to me.  It is about what can I do about it.
  • If you are a victim, then something beyond me is controlling me, and I don’t like that.
  • I think I have realized that I have goals and I think I am allowed to do things now more than I ever was before.
  • If you know what your gifts are, then use them.
  • Excuses, oh I don’t like those words at all.
  • Status quo, no. Whatever it is I just like to go beyond.
  • Lifestyle design, I think it is really good that I create my life better than it was before.
  • Epic life, I like that because I think you can get a certain energy from something like that.
  • Regret, so I think everything that happens to us is good for us.
  • When your family is in a situation like that, you just want to fix it.
  • To use the word relentless, that’s what it takes to know what you will do what it takes.
  • We all get sidetracked, with the interruptions in life, but it is important that we don’t lose it.
  • “It’s not about how far you fall, it’s about how high you bounce.”

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