Engaging and Retaining Millennials with Gary Kadi - RD PodcastWhen new generations come to work, it can be hard to adjust the way things are done in order to retain them. Gary Kadi is on the show and has some great insight on how to work well with millennials and build a practice that is engaged and effective. He also discusses why he stands against corporate dentistry and how he communicates more effectively with patients.

Gary really has found an interesting system to work with millennials that could benefit all practices. From a regular feedback and reward system, he has figured out how to speak the language of millennials that retains them and keeps them motivated. He also touches on why it’s so important to focus on preventative care rather than just reactionary care in order to truly protect the oral health of your patients.

Another big mission for Gary is his fight against corporate dentistry. He explains why this business model can become harmful to the dentistry industry as well as to the patients. He discusses what he is doing to save private practices and encourage the type of care that is patient-centered rather than board member-centric.

Key Quotes:

  • “Millenials only want to work in a purpose-driven business, they don’t want to be working in a transactional business.”
  • “They have a purpose, they have a bonus structure, they have a dream program and those layers are game-changers.”
  • “People do business with people who have the same beliefs.”
  • “The way to make money in dentistry is S – Salary, P – profit and F is freakin’ equity.”
  • “Retaining the private practitioner retains the care, the quality care for patients.”
  • “Our job is not just, you know, putting crowns on, but we’re here to create longevity and saving peoples’ lives and making a difference on the overall health of the patient.”
  • “The minute you believe that you should find the chief complaint, the game is over from the start.”
  • “We have to serve the patient from a preventative position not a reactive position.”

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