Scarcity in abundance. These terms get a little overused, like gratitude, blessed, abundant. We can feel these things, or we can use these things as tools. And the problem that I see here is that we’re living in a vortex of scarcity. We quickly get lost in the labyrinth of overabundant resources that we fail to focus on and address issues that will keep our culture and practice sustainable.

This week’s topic is enjoying cash flow. Today’s episode talks about how you can use abundance as a tool or develop tools that lead you to abundant thinking that make sure that you are taking suitable risks and making the right choices for today, tomorrow, and the future. So listen, take charge, and lead the way!

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Key Quotes:

  • “Social media is really designed to create insecurity.”
  • “We very intentionally engineer our days to keep us focused on what’s good and what’s possible. Thinking abundantly helps you enjoy cash flow because you’re seeing the opportunities, and you’re taking the calculated risks that keep a practice growing and evolving right.”
  • “If you’re going to transform a business or a person, it all starts by transforming a story.”
  • “We have to realize that our brain is not designed for wealth. It’s not designed for prosperity. It’s not designed for great days. It’s designed to keep you safe and alive.”
  • “Optimism needs to be had with a healthy dash of skepticism.”
  • “If you don’t show up with real hope and real abundance, forget about it. Your team is not going to either.”
  • “Since I was a little kid, they would say, You are what you eat. Now a lot of our diet comes in from our eyes and our ears because of media.”
  • “An investment in your team and your patient experience is the most profitable and predictable investment out there.”

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