Statistically, 91% of consumers say they will switch to a brand that supports a good cause given similar price and quality.

Back when I was still active with my dental practice in Vail, I created the “Monthly Give,” wherein we give a portion of the collection to our chosen nonprofit organization every month. We started in 2012 with a 1.2% allocation for charity and slowly ratcheted it up every year as our profit grew bigger and bigger. How can we be generous with giving as we grow?

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about cause marketing — how it works, how your organization can get involved, and how it can benefit your team, your organization, your patients, and the community you are serving. Then, I’ll share steps to successfully create a cause marketing drive and address the objections to spotlighting your philanthropy. Finally, an anecdote from one of our patients clearly shows how impactful generosity is as it creates a powerful domino effect.

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Key Quotes:

  • “There are more benefits in cause marketing than just writing checks and knowing that they will help people’s lives easier and better.”
  • “In each monthly meeting, a time is dedicated to nominating the next nonprofit partner.”
  • “There should be a priority system that needs to be built out.”
  • “This is not giving back. Giving back assumes you took something. This is just generosity. This is just giving.”
  • “The more you grow, the more you get to give.”
  • “There’s no one that doesn’t benefit from a good cause marketing.”

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