The Power of Persuasion in the New Economy with Dr. Chris PhelpsToday’s guest was featured on one of my most downloaded podcast episodes from five years ago, and he joins me again today with timely advice for dental practices during the new COVID climate. Dr. Chris Phelps is an entrepreneur, an Amazon bestselling author, a general dentist, and winner of numerous awards and accolades in the healthcare industry.

Listen in as Dr. Chris Phelps shares his expertise on mindset and the power of persuasion, as well as tips on how to level up your game to ensure a consistent client flow in the new economy. We’ll be diving into the timeless principles of persuasion and offering tips to speak to both risk-tolerant and risk-averse patients so you can get both booked.

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Key Quotes:

  • “It’s more the proactive mindset patient who I really want our practice to be built off of.”
  • “That gap is gonna hurt if you don’t prepare for it, if you’re not ready for it, and if you don’t start doing something today to shrink that gap as much as possible.”
  • “The more you hit them now and the more you communicate the message to them, by the third or fourth touch you’re going to start getting their attention.”
  • “One of the things that kind of excites me is a professional who is largely stuck and has been forced into a more adaptable mode, which is always good for business—particularly in the information age where things move so quickly.”
  • “If you don’t have a membership plan, you need to get on the boat.”
  • “The scarce resource is always a good play to increase productivity and increase revenue.”

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