The Antidote for a Needy Team -Dr. David Maloley

“If we learn to diagnose these needs and treat them accordingly, we’ll have our next level of freedom readily available to us.”

Can you pick out the dominant need in your team, patients, family, and friends? This exercise is very challenging, especially to dental practice owners wearing multiple hats — juggling the demands of the business, the employees, and the clients.

In this episode, I will discuss the six human needs rooted in the deepest of our nature. We require to discover, embrace, and fulfill these needs within ourselves to help us understand what fuels our team so we can respond to them better.

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Key Quotes:

  • “All teams are needy and all doctors are needy.”
  • “Needs must be distinguished from wants. In case of needs, deficiency causes a clear adverse outcome.”
  • “Typical management tactics have us treating employees more like human doings than human beings.”
  • “If we embrace these 6 human needs (Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth, Contribution), we can confidently influence, align, and predictably increase employee buy-in and engagement.”
  • “When a team member comes to you and you feel like they’re whining, or they’re negative, you must filter out if they are just telling you an unmet need that they have that keeps them from a higher level of performance.”

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