“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Many people find gossiping fun, enjoyable, and addictive until they become the focus of the idle talk. However, in a professional setup like the dental workplace, gossipmongering is an enormous time and productivity waster, not to mention unprofessional. In addition, it increases anxiety among employees, puts a strain on teamwork, erodes trust,  and crushes morale.

Listen in as I provide steps on dispelling gossip before it enters the workplace, how dental owners should foster a culture of healthy conflict, and how to maintain an environment of high candor, high trust, and straightforward verbal communication.

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Key Quotes:

  • “I created a team training called “The 5 Habits That Destroy Team Unity” and we talk about it as a team.”
  • “A lot of gossips comes from envy and jealousy.”
  • “Gossip becomes addictive. Left to its own devices, it’s gonna run rampant, it’s gonna hijack your vision, it’s gonna destroy your well-being as doctors, it’s gonna divide team members, it’s gonna create unnecessary dramas, and none of that contributes to patient care.”
  • “We want in a culture is a healthy conflict.”
  • “We can create a team environment of high candor, high trust, and very direct verbal communication.”
  • “Healthy conflict drives results without having to babysit the culture or nudging people to actually do their job.”

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