When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” — then say no. — Derek Sivers

As a dental practice owner, a CEO, CFO, CMO, all rolled into one, saying NO is a leadership MUST! It sounds counter-intuitive at first, but speaking from personal experience, the moment I learned to say NO, that’s when my practice grew, my relationships fostered, and my personal, professional, and overall well-being optimized. Now, the question is, when do you say NO?

In this episode, I will discuss the gigantic costs of complexity in your dental practice. So if you want to hack away at the unessential, know when to say no, eliminate worry and low-value work so you can be a much more effective owner, tune in now! Are you ready to become the CEO of NO?

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Key Quotes:

  • “You are your number one asset.”
  • “If things are breaking around you or you’re breaking or burning out, then the business fails.”
  • “From a psychological and neurological standpoint, we have to train our minds to pursue the things that are important to us. And part of that cycle is a reward.” 
  • “The problem that we’re addressing is that Western culture assumes that more is better. Wealth is about money and positions only, and consuming creates happiness.” 
  • “There are great things that come with the trappings of success. There are great things with being able to splurge and have nice experiences and nice things. But those are, in fact, partial truths. We have to make sure that we’re not falling into the trap of that mantra of more is better, and money equals success. We need a more robust, durable solution. That’s the full truth.”
  • “I have experienced it firsthand as a practice owner. I’ve never met a dentist that cut back days and regretted it.” 
  • “There comes a time in your career that you must say no to things that irritate and anger you and inhibit practice growth bottom line.”
  • “Appreciate that saying no is hard. So expect grief when letting go.”
  • “Saying yes to less is the way out.”

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