Are you Disney or Enron -Dr. David Maloley“Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values.” — Vision and Values, Disney Institute

Whether big or small, any organization has an established mission and vision to define its objectives and approach to reach its goal. However, the most crucial aspect of building an organization is the founding principles for which they stand.

Core values are what bind the company, its employees, and the people they wish to serve. It may be uncommon in dental practice, but having a solid foundation of fundamental principles that integrates naturally with the personal values of everyone in the team is crucial to the practice’s growth and success.

In today’s episode, I will discuss why core values are among the bare essentials in an organization, how it helps in the hiring process and performance evaluation, and how it can serve as your “constitution” when facing adversity or challenging decisions. Drafting well-crafted core values are one thing, but having your team enrolled and aligned to these guiding principles and put them in practice rests in the hands of a moral leader.

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Key Quotes:

  • “We as dentists wanna have core values so that we know what we stand for. And knowing what we stand for is critical for your confidence as a leader and a business owner.”
  • “You can use core values to get underperforms on board or out of your way.”
  • “You can use core values to help accelerate the growth of your top performers.”
  • “It’s not so important what the core values are but that you have core values and you bring them to life.”
  • “If you have a smaller practice, this can be a whole meeting wherein the team members bring on their own personal values to the table. If they build the core values with you, they will back it.”
  • “Walt Disney really left a legacy through core values that now is this big and powerful company, the size and capacity of an Enron, but in an alignment with core values.”

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