Decide to Dominate

Decide to Dominate

Results are going to come from taking action. And all action starts with a decision.

Having to decide on something is naturally hard, most especially if the decision is transformative. However, decisive leadership is vital to effectively execute the plan of action toward achieving the organization’s goals. 

This week’s podcast is about creating a culture of decisiveness, how to empower your team to make more and better decisions, the elements that make up a sound decision, and its impact on the organization’s overall well-being. We will also look into the psychology of “learned helplessness” — a situation where people deliberately put out a minimum viable effort to avoid trouble due to a vague instruction from a high-performance-seeking indecisive leader.

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Key Quotes:

  • “What was the number 1 characteristic of a high-performance culture or a high-performance team? I said immediately, DECISIVENESS.”
  • “Decide to dominate. For me, dominate means dominating a day, knowing that we have, as a dental team, control over the day and an opportunity to get better than we were yesterday.”
  • “If we’re not decisive, we can expect that our teams will also be indecisive.”
  • “If we want results, we need to be decisive.”
  • “If a team is consistently making more and better decisions across the board, it’s bound to generate more revenues, more fulfillment, and less stress.”
  • “The quicker we make these decisions, the better off we’ll gonna be, the better off the organization is gonna be, and now we start to see the organization reflect the leader and become more decisive.”
  • “We need to encourage our people to make mistakes and learn from them.”
  • “The best thing you can do for your team is giving them reasons to stay hopeful and optimistic.”

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