As a practice owner, you should balance your professional life with your practice’s profitability. You must explore the importance of maintaining a clear vision to get the most out of your career. But in navigating the current confusing landscape, you need valuable insights on taking your practice to the next level.

Doc, are you looking for some mental models that enhance your practice profitability? I hope you know you deserve to take home money and enjoy more time outside the office.

In this episode, I discuss why you should ignore most of the advice from people who haven’t been in your shoes as a practice owner and challenge traditional thinking to get the most out of your career.

If you want to find professional activities that give you energy and compensate you well, tune in now!

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Key Quotes:

  • “The amount of energy that it takes to be a highly productive dentist aside from the business is immense.”
  • “We need systems that simplify our business and mental models that free up our minds to be creative and resourceful.”
  • “Many things traditionally would’ve been done inside of the practice that now can be done outside of the practice. And some things have always been done by people outside of the practice that maybe you need to get off your plate.”
  • “Never compromise on vision because if you do, you might get a short-term upgrade in pay and cash flow, but it won’t have the longevity because it’s not organic to you.”
  • “The more you become of value, the more money you take in in terms of cash flow.”
  • “The way that you can minimize your costs without focusing on every little fraction of a percent is to focus on optimizing investments.”
  • “What we want to create is a wise flow of dollars. Not stagnation, not accumulation.”
  • “Become a habit addict and take some of these menial tasks and make it like riding a bike. And then what’s the next tab and then what’s the next system? And then what’s the next protocol?”

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