“We are what we repeatedly do… therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.” — Will Durant

Habits are a powerful influence that affects our actions and outcomes. If you’re passionate about habits, you understand how important it is to form positive habits that lead to success. However, even if you are not habit-obsessed, developing a habit-based leadership philosophy can have a significant impact on you, your team, and patient care. Focusing on the habits that need to be stopped, sustained, and started can result in improved results in many aspects of life, like profitability, productivity, and patient care. Welcome to the world of habit-based leadership – let’s explore the potential it holds!

In this episode, I discuss the minuscule habits that lead to a massive impact.

  • So if you want to build the two critical habits that enhance your team’s morale and productivity…
  • If you want to capitalize on habits that create. an unfair advantage for your dental practice…
  • If you want to grow your leadership skills and confidence so you can make 2023 your most profitable, enjoyable year yet…

Tune in now!

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Key Quotes:

  • Working harder isn’t working.”
  • “There’s a time and a place to make sure that we’re working very smart as well.”
  • “Leadership and practice potential is a reflection of your habits.”
  • “The payoff of new habit installation is always delayed.”
  • “The thing that you are most committed to, the thing that I’m most committed to is our identity, and confidence elevates that identity.”
  • “Make sure that you’re working on productive habits and building your confidence simultaneously because they’ll start to synergize.”
  • “An innovation habit and a communication habit turn your team’s frustration into the raw material for growth and reduced stress.”
  • “Make sure that you’re upgrading your habits, and that makes you more clear, energetic, and courageous because that makes you a more influential role model. And then that allows you to wield the tools of influence to impact these people in a hugely positive way.” 

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