Are you a dentist that’s feeling overwhelmed and overstressed? In this practice, we understand and regularly discuss the reasons why dentists experience high levels of stress. But what if there was a way to find a more productive and happier state? That’s where the concept of “flow states” comes into play. It’s a mysterious idea that is backed by science, rule books, and recipes to help you get in “the zone” more often. Let’s explore what’s behind elite dentist performance and how you can use it to increase your practice’s success.

In this episode, I discuss why dental practice owners should get in “the zone” more often.

  • So if you want to find more enjoyment and productivity in your workdays…
  • If you want to engineer your ideal challenge-to-skill ratio…
  • If you want to utilize an anti-aging and career-extending strategy so you can feel supremely confident at work, tune in now!

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Key Quotes:

  • My challenge to you would be how do you make sure that that patient in front of you, your next patient, feels like they’re the only patient on the schedule? And that will require some help from your team to build out that philosophy and culture.”
  • “A flow state is, is a very, very, very powerful phenomenon and enhances your productivity and overall well-being. And I think that dentists can benefit from this by finding more ways to spend more time in flow states.”
  • “Sometimes as dentists, because we work so hard, we do this game that I call “hardaholic” that I’ve mastered. We make things hard that don’t need to be hard, we increase the toil because we have the story in our head that if there’s no pain, there’s no gain and I want gain, therefore I must induce pain.”
  • “We want to take things from theory to practice to mastery. If you’re doing a very mundane thing like a crown prep that you’ve done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times, my suggestion would be more meticulous or set an efficiency goal that encourages you to do that same quality high standard work in less time.”
  • “We want to as humans make sure that our best work and our best days are always in front of us.”

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