I might hear you say, “That’s quite a statement, Dr. Dave.” Well, let’s put it subtly. If you’ve been religiously listening to my podcast, you’ve been hearing me say this countless times that it’s become my business mantra: “Practice isn’t limited by its opportunity; It’s limited by its leader.”

Let’s talk about the potential, the possibility that every practice owner can embrace a CEO’s mission held in one word — GROWTH. So let’s get into that whole growth idea and what it means to you as a practice owner at the beginning and end of every quarter because I think you should sit down at the end of every quarter and give yourself an hour — this is CEO time to ensure that you’re enjoying more and more cash flow.

Since we’re about to usher in Q2, we have a heavily-packed episode today in line with our week-four theme, enjoying cash flow. Today’s podcast will discuss the six questions you need to ask yourself every quarter. We’ll look into the five machines that create the macro system in your business. And lastly, we’ll dig deeper into three different angles to distill down your growth. So that’s a lot to chew on as you grow or die in Q2 of 2022. Let’s get started!

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Key Quotes:

  • “Status quo is a dangerous delusion.”
  • “I don’t think a status quo is real. I think you’re either getting better or getting worse as a human, as a business owner, and as a business.”
  • “Your mission is to grow on multiple levels.”
  • “The concept of expansion is the natural desire of all mankind.”
  •  “If you’re trapped in “we are a dental practice,” you are more likely to be commoditized.”
  • “When we’re planning for growth, we have to take into account that there will be obstacles and there will be challenges.”
  • “The identity shift here is that this is not a dental office; this is a training and development company. If you run a training and development company, everyone is always getting better at their jobs.”

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