Are you a dental practice owner looking to get ahead of the game and increase your revenue? Look no further! We will explore ways to upgrade your revenue attraction strategies and help you achieve financial growth in today’s dental podcast. 

Dental practice owners: Let’s discuss how to upgrade your revenue attraction strategies!

  • If you want to avoid playing blindfolded archery in 2023…
  • If you want to accelerate your treatment conversion…
  • If you want to find a Collections Ninja that you can execute into a forecast for financial growth, tune in now!

With the new year just right around the corner, don’t miss out on the opportunity to lead the way and avoid shooting aimlessly in 2023. 

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Key Quotes:

  • We want to drive down costs and enhance the quality of the patients that come in.”
  • “We want to have fruits of the labor, but we always want to enjoy the fruits of the labor and ideally enjoy the labor.”
  • “If we’re going to attract more revenue next year, the real obstacle is internal resistance to conversion.”
  • “Delegate all that you can.”
  • “Growth is no longer nice to have. It is essential to keep up with the increasing cost of doing business.”
  • “You should be treating yourself like your most important employee all the time.”
  • “There’s a time and a place to sacrifice, but most of your practices are well beyond that point where you should be taking the leftovers.

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