“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

How’s your relationship with yourself, your profession, and with people? Are they standing in the way of enjoying the abundance of the dental profession? Or is it your thinking that’s killing the cash flow?

Money is not meant to be chased; you need to attract them. And learning from experience, it’s not all about skills and work ethics. Of course, it is essential, but what’s blocking the flow lives within your psyche, and a little re-wiring will help attune your practice to the cash flow.

This episode will talk about the three mental monsters that kill cash flow and how your thinking can quash these monsters by bringing out your unfair advantage. I will also touch on how you can take charge of your thinking and focus on adding value to yourself, your team, and your patients to address your financial worries.

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Key Quotes:

  • “If we don’t have proper architecture, both the enjoy and the cash flow becomes difficult.”
  • “Many dentists are frustrated because the clinical skill alone doesn’t cut it.”
  • “The way we think causes money and quality of life.”
  • “The power of the skill stack is either divided or multiplied by the way we think.”
  • “Make sure that your mind and thinking is serving you, your goals, and your business.”
  • “What really unleashes a business are business skills, leadership skills, and sales skills.”
  • “We can change our thinking if we are deliberate about it.”
  • “Make a list of reasons that you’re worth more per hour than you’re currently paying yourself.”
  • “If we focus on what we’re getting and not focusing on what we’re giving, that can enhance our scarcity thinking.”
  • “Money always follows unique value.”

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