Leveraging the Power of Trust by Stuart Faught

This week’s guest, Stuart Faught of Praze, is a well-known figure in the dental sphere as his expertise in reputation management has assisted thousands of dental practices to grow exponentially by helping them develop and enhance long-term trust. 

Listen in as Stuart offers some tips on leveraging excellent patient treatment and excellent patient experience into quantifiable online reviews to establish yourself as the most trusted dentist in your community. We also talked about how you can lower your marketing costs by building your practice while boosting your reputation.

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Key Quotes:

  • “Leveraging these different platforms to establish yourself as the most trusted dentist in your community is key now more than ever.”
  • “I think dentists really need to understand that they have an amazing opportunity to literally be perceived and literally be the most trusted dentists in their town.”
  • “Know where you’re at and then focus where it matters.”
  • “It’s interesting to know that the most profitable practices, they all had one thing in common according to our studies. What is that one thing? They all had 300 or more testimonials.”
  • “It’s always been my goal and mission to every practice we work with to help them become the most trusted dentist in their town. And we feel like the realistic path to achieving that is that one simple thing, let us help you get 300 positive reviews on Google.”
  • “I quickly learned that really what was getting the patient from an internet search into the actual chair was those doctors who had the most and best reviews.”
  • “There’s still a lot of the doctors who don’t realize that as a rule of thumb, the more positive reviews you have on Google, the more likely you are to be rewarded by Google and popping up in a search.”
  • “I know that practices really value growing by word of mouth and it’s something that any business owner can take pride in. But I think that a lot of dentists still don’t realize that online reviews are modern-day word of mouth, right? And they’re these digital testimonials that live forever.”
  • “They call that review marketing and it’s basically taking your positive reviews and marketing them over and over and over again. So the best way to do it is to leverage them on your website.”
  • “I think that definitely, everyone should be on the same page as far as the doctor’s vision for the practice.”
  • “If and when you get that negative review, it’s almost a great thing. As long as you’ve got a system in place, that’s gathering a bunch of positive reviews because you know, it makes those positive reviews look even more authentic.”

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