Money Mindset with Rob Gill - Relentless Dentist Podcast How does our psychology impact our ability to be proactive and be smart business owners? In this episode, Rob Gill, Founder of EPIC Financial Strategies, shares his thoughts on “money mindsets” and how to avoid staying in a fear posture, squirreling away cash, and not making the necessary investments needed in our businesses.

Listen in as Rob explains the importance of planning properly for the unexpected so that you are in a position to prosper. You will learn Rob’s thoughts on insurance and what the right kind of insurance can complement within your wealth management. This is not an episode to be missed, as Rob shares his advice for anyone looking for a no-nonsense tactical strategy for their money management.

Listen in and find more Wealth Wisdom

Key Quotes:

  • “Money is a mindset, and I believe that people typically look at money from two points of view: one is scarcity, and one is abundance.”
  • “How do we ask ourselves the questions that lead us to abundance?”
  • “It’s not about resources as much as it is about being resourceful.”
  • “If we can plan properly for the unexpected while taking advantage of the normal ebbs and flows, then we will put you in a position to prosper.”
  • “It’s not the splash—it’s the ripple from the splash.”
  • “By using the right kind of insurance, it will complement your wealth management side.”

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