The last 48 hours have been quite a test for Dr. Dave so in this episode he will share what he learned about fixing the frame and keeping things in perspective. It’s so easy to let problems take over your mind and distract you from other important areas of your life so he shares how to not let tough situations get you bogged down and off track. You’ll learn more about frame control and how to make sure you stop things that cause you to leak energy.

Dr. Dave discusses the importance of simulating and looking for triggers that will pull you out of distracted or distressed states. He emphasizes how important it is to be able to keep moving and even double down in other areas of your life when one area seems to be going all wrong. He shares valuable tips on how to regain mental control, clarity, peace and perspective in situations that seem out of control.

Key Quotes:

  • “If you control the frame, you control the game and the frame is the context or belief through which a person, situation or conversation is perceived.”
  • “You can imagine how I’m triggered in this moment – I start arguing with this email.”
  • “Just like a cowboy, right. You just get back on the horse and ride.”
  •  “You have plenty to be grateful for but there’s also plenty going wrong at any given moment so what you focus on determines your physiology, your energy, a lot of these things we talk about in high performance coaching.”
  • “You can engineer triggers or look for triggers that put you in a more positive state so that you’re not leaking energy.”
  • “When things aren’t going well in one part of your life, it pays to double down in the other important pillars of your life.”
  • “Focusing on my business would not give me power so I focused on the things that WOULD give me power.”

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