Today I’m excited to sit down and chat with Reese Harper, who you may know from The Dentist Money Show. Reese has a great perspective on how to find security in the decisions you make with your money, and he joins the show to share tips for making better money decisions for your life and practice.

Listen in to hear Reese’s unique and interesting explanation of the stock market, as well as how we can restructure our thinking around money in order to make better decisions. You’ll learn what to do with your cash and how to stay confident in your financial choices today and moving forward.

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Key Quotes:

  • “During volatile and scary times, there are always people who come out of the woodwork about the end of the world happening. A lot of dentists buy into that fear.”
  • “A simple way of thinking about how the stock market works is that there are millions of people around the world who are making the decision to buy the stock or keep the money in their wallet – or sell the stock or hold onto the stock. It’s millions of people agreeing on the prices.”
  • “It’s not a gamble; it’s just science. The market, since 1926, has a 10% annual return that is composed of peaks and troughs that go down 45% that happen once every 7-8 years, and smaller dips at about 15%. We hadn’t had one since 2013 or even a really meaningful one since 2008.”
  • “Two people with the same amount of earnings, times that by 25 years, have choices of what they want to say yes to. All of these things will either leave you with nothing in the end or with financial security and financial independence.”
  • “Some of us need accountability, or we won’t have anything left.”
  • “Liquidity creates presence of mind.”
  • “You need to have more liquidity in a world where the government isn’t respecting the debt that citizens have.”
  • “I would rather see people pay down the liquidity around a business loan because it will give you more confidence around the decisions you’re making.”

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