Does your dental team consider creating case acceptance as their professional obligation?

It costs patients more time, money, and discomfort to delay treatment. However, some patients may not immediately perceive the urgency or importance of addressing dental issues. Your team must understand the beliefs and barriers that prevent patients from saying “yes” to treatment recommendations.

Let’s delve into the topic of case acceptance barriers and provide strategies for overcoming them. By understanding and effectively addressing these barriers, your practice can enhance case acceptance rates and foster stronger patient relationships.

In this episode, I discuss the top 10 reasons dental patients don’t move forward with your treatment recommendations.

  • So if you want to create an elegant case acceptance pathway…
  • If you want to avoid generating animosity and buyer’s remorse in your dental patients…
  • If you want to know why it’s better to anticipate and avoid objections than address them so you can create a slam dunk case acceptance machine…

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Key Quotes:

  • “If dentists and their teams don’t understand why patients object to a proposed treatment, it can lead to a variety of problems.”
  • “When patients feel that their concerns and objections are not being heard or understood or anticipated, it’s going to lead to dissatisfaction with the dental experience.”
  • “When patients feel heard, when they feel understood, when you get them and their objections are properly addressed, it leads to higher levels of patient satisfaction.”
  • “Addressing patient objections demonstrates a commitment to patient-centered care and fosters trust between the dentists and their patients.”
  • “Most objections are gonna show up as a question, but you have to recognize that there’s a belief behind that objection.”

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