A brush with death brings about new life. Karah shares why it’s not how far you fall . . . it’s how high you bounce!

Quotes & Notes:

  • Before that [when I had my stroke] I didn’t really know what it was. I thought that it happens to older people…what I realized is that when you have this thing when you are younger, you can have your life back again, and that’s really what has happened to me.
  • I remember it all basically until I got there on the flight.
  • I was so happy to see our friends and family [in intensive care] like you normally would be.
  • I think you realize, that in those time frames it is amazing to have those people around you that you love.
  • People sometimes will do anything for you.  That’s how life works, that’s how people are so important in your business, in your life.
  • Dr. Dave – “I remember some of the big wins and what the celebrations were. They went to go put a sock on, and you took it away and put it on your own.”
  • I think you realize when you are in a lower place and life, no matter what it is, what can I do now? I never really thought why did this happen to me? It did happen to you.
  • I think 95% of my speech or reading and writing are back.
  • I think in some ways it is a matter of realizing that your life will be awesome at times and at times it won’t be awesome, and that is important.
  • I when you look at your life, it is a matter of do I have my foundation clear, can I be authentic, can I be the person at work that I am at home?

I think it is about challenging yourself more each day.

  • Life is about being forward thinking.
  • I am working on meditation, for if I can be better within my body, for example, I can do a lot with other people.
  • It is just a matter of be the mom that Bennett wants me to be.
  • If you are in it and decide I don’t like this, then you can go beyond where you want to be.
  • It’s not about what has been dealt to me.  It is about what can I do about it.
  • If you are a victim, then something beyond me is controlling me, and I don’t like that.
  • I think I have realized that I have goals and I think I am allowed to do things now more than I ever was before.
  • If you know what your gifts are, then use them.
  • Excuses, oh I don’t like those words at all.
  • Status quo, no. Whatever it is I just like to go beyond.
  • Lifestyle design, I think it is really good that I create my life better than it was before.
  • Epic life, I like that because I think you can get a certain energy from something like that.
  • Regret, so I think everything that happens to us is good for us.
  • When your family is in a situation like that, you just want to fix it.
  • To use the word relentless, that’s what it takes to know what you will do what it takes.
  • We all get sidetracked, with the interruptions in life, but it is important that we don’t lose it.
  • “It’s not about how far you fall, it’s about how high you bounce.”

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