Quotes and Notes:

  • I have big, audacious, hairy goals that drive me.Jerry Jones
  • My parents told me whatever I want to do, I can do it.
  • I never questioned if it should or could be done, I just got to work.
  • You have it better [life] than you will ever have it, so suck it up and get working.
  • There are a lack of people who will say “Shut up and do your job.”
  • I have spent well over 150 approaching 200 thousand dollars on marketing education.
  • My goal is 500 franchises in five years.
  • When you do something and you do it right, the response drives the business.
  • I filed bankruptcy once and that is something I will never do again.
  • Like everything that beats me up, yep it made me stronger, but it also gave me a better appreciation of running a business the way that they should be ran.
  • There are no rewards for the meek, or the weak, or the timid.  If you are not willing to be bold, you are not going to win.
  • I have always looked at failures as opportunities.
  • If you want something, get off your butt and go get it.
  • Jerry Jones recommends his book, 24 Mistakes Doctors Make for every dentist to read.
  • You can reach Jerry Jones at jerry@jerryjonesdirect.com as well as on clearpathscociety.com.

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